Add a box from check on Google Sheets it can be too useful in a wide variety of situations, even for data that we add to any kind of spreadsheet. Google allows us to add these checkboxes for project tasks, answers to questions, selection of project attributes, etc. Let’s see a little below how we can do it step by step.

Add checkbox in Google Sheets


Let’s go to Google Sheets and we log in; once we do, we will have to open the spreadsheet that we want to use. Now we will have to select the cell where we want to place the check box. After this we are going to click on the Insert menu> Checkbox.

Added checkbox.

And voila, in this simple way we have already added a checkbox in a cell. We can add more adjacent checkboxes, we can do this with the fill handle and drag the checkboxes across the remaining cells.

This is how we can add checkbox Sheets

In case we don’t want a box, then we simply select the cell in question and press Delete on our keyboard. The box will be removed.

Add custom values ​​to a checkbox

Custom data validation.

We can add values ​​to a checkbox when it is checked and unchecked. For this we will have to right click on the cell where the check box is located and select “Data validation”.

We select checkbox in Sheets.

Next, a pop-up window will appear and we will have to select “Checkbox” in the drop-down box on the right side of “Criteria”.

This way we can use custom cell values.

Now we will have to check the box that says “Use custom cell values”. Then we will enter the values ​​in the boxes and finally we will click on “Save”.

How to remove custom values

If we decide later that we want to remove those custom values. This is something simple, we right click on the box that has these values ​​and select “Data validation”.

Delete custom values ​​in Sheets

Next, we are going to have to uncheck the box “Use custom cell values” and then we click “Save”.

In this way we can keep the checkbox, we only delete the values ​​that we have assigned to it.

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