We do not have to limit ourselves only to questions in google forms, we can also add images. We can better specify what we mean or what our problem is. It is really very useful to explain in detail what we want to express and in this way it will be understood much better.

How to add one or more images to a question in Google forms

All types of questions, with the exception of file uploads, give us the ability to upload an image for that question. Therefore, it is possible to add an image to a paragraph question or ask respondents to describe it. Even add a multiple choice question and ask respondents to answer.

Add images.

We can add an image before, during or after setting the question. To the right of the “Question” text box we will find an image icon.

Upload photos or images.

Once we click on the “Image” icon, a new window opens where we will be able to choose the source of the image and upload it. In each of the tabs that appears at the top we can choose where the image is located. For example, if we have the image in Google Drive, we select that option; If we have already downloaded it to our computer, we simply select “Upload”; so on.

Image options in Google forms.

When the image appears in your question, we will have the possibility to add different options. For this, we will simply have to click on the three buttons to the left of the image size.


Among those options we have the possibility to align the image, add text, change the image in question or directly delete it.


After we finish adding and adjusting the image, we will be able to complete the question. We can even click the Preview icon in the upper right corner to see how respondents will see the questions.

Add multiple images to Google Form

In addition to adding an image for a question, we can also add several for multiple answer options or checkboxes.

Add image.

For this, we will have to click on the “Image” icon but the one to the right of each possible answer.

In this way you can add multiple images to Google forms

Next, we are going to find the image as we described it before. That would be it, we can add an image for each of the responses, put the preview to see how the respondents will see it, etc. It is the same as what we discussed earlier, only, this time, we have to upload image by image by clicking on the icon on the right side of each question.

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