From time to time it is normal that we decide to remove friends from our social media accounts. luckily it is possible add someone who we delete previously in Snapchat and it is a very simple process that we will see how to do it a little below.

Add a person we deleted on Snapchat

Obviously, in order to add someone we’ve removed, we’re going to have to remember what their account was. So we are going to start by opening the Snapchat application on our mobile device.

Add Snapchat friends.

Next, we will click on the Add friends icon.

Search user.

We will have to use one of the four options below to be able to add a deleted friend. We can add people by username, Snapcode contacts and by people nearby, we can even use contacts on iPhone or Android.

Add friend.

Once we find the person we want to add, we simply click Add.

And that would be all we have to do, now the only thing left is to wait for said person to accept the request.

In case we do not remember the username of a specific person, but we have friends in common, then we can ask them to send us the username, even the phone number because, as we mentioned before, it is possible to add them with the phone number.

Add someone from phone contacts.

So, we add the phone number to our contact book as we normally would, and then we’ll use the Add from Address Book feature to locate them on Snapchat and add them as friends again.

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After adding someone we’ve previously removed, we’ll be able to see all the snaps they sent us while they weren’t added as a friend, if they accept the request again.

The interesting thing is that many users do not realize it. Every Snapchat profile has a section titled Snapchatters that have re-added you. If we have eliminated someone and they did not notice. All they have to do is go through that list and look up that person’s name.

As you can see, it is a very easy process to carry out that we can achieve in a few minutes. Obviously, if you still have any kind of doubt about it, you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little below.

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