The Government has promoted a new check of 200 euros to help people with low income and wealth, which is already available. The period to request this social benefit will be open from February 15 to March 31 through the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency. This aid is expected to reach a total of 4.2 million Spanish households. The keys to the regulations published by the public body are presented below.

Who can or cannot request the check for 200 euros?

The purpose of this single payment is to support people in a situation of economic vulnerability, such as the unemployed registered at employment offices who do not receive other social benefits. To access the check, it is necessary to meet certain conditions, such as having the habitual residence in Spain, receiving full annual income of less than 27,000 euros and having assets of less than 75,000 euros, excluding the habitual residence.

The computation of income and assets will be made by adding those of family members who live at the same address, but not that of people who share a flat without having a family relationship. Those who receive the Minimum Vital Income or any of the pensions paid by the General Scheme, the special Social Security Schemes or the State Passive Class Scheme will not be entitled to aid. Those who have the approval of other similar recognized benefits or the legal administrators of a commercial company may not benefit either.

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If the conditions for request the check of 200 euros, you must complete the electronic form available on the page of the Tax Agency and provide the bank account where you want to receive the transfer. To carry out the procedure, it is essential to have Cl@ve or electronic certificate.

Steps to follow to request the €200 check

The steps are simple:

  • Enter the official website of the Tax Agency from this link
  • Click on the option “Application for the NEW aid of 200 euros for individuals”
  • Fill in all the options on the form to request the aid of €200
Capture to request the aid of €200 from Spain

Taxpayers approved to receive the check must cash it within a maximum period of three months from March 31, 2023. The deadline to receive the money is June 30. If that time has passed and the corresponding extraordinary aid has not been received, it will be understood that the application has been rejected. If the Tax Agency determines that there is no right to receive the credit, it will notify the applicant, who will have ten days to present claims.

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