We receive emails constantly and it is not easy to stay organized. Between the genuine messages, one or another that we are not too interested in, and the spam, we can have hundreds or thousands of messages saved in the inbox. However, it is possible to organize them by archive all gmail emails. Next, we are going to see how to achieve it and we will tell you a very interesting trick that will be extremely useful in the future.

Archive all Gmail emails

Especially for those of us who have been with Gmail for a long time, archiving each email individually would take a considerable amount of time. Luckily, we can use several filter functions in the search section of the service to make our task easier.

We open Gmail and go to the Inbox tab in the left sidebar.

Gmail search bar

In the search box we will have to type “in:inbox” to be able to collect emails from all categories.

Gmail checkbox

Next, we’ll check the checkbox in the upper left corner, just below the “From” tab.

Select all.

After this, we will have to click on the option “Select all conversations that match this search” just above the emails.

This way we managed to archive Gmail emails

Now we will look for the Archive icon and we will click on it. A pop-up window will appear where we will click “OK” to confirm the action.

Obviously, depending on the number of emails we have in our inbox, Gmail may take more or less time to complete the process. We’ll notice that I finish processing all the emails when they disappear from the inbox.

with old emails

Another option would be to get rid of the older irrelevant emails and leave the newer ones in the inbox so that they are more accessible.

We click on the Inbox in the left sidebar and then we go to the search box, we will write “in:inbox”.

So we can archive Gmail emails before a specific date.

Now what we will have to do is add “before:yyyy/mm/dd” in the search bar to filter all emails older than the specified date. To make it clear: yyyy would be the year, mm the month and dd the day. Then we would be left with: in:inbox beforce: 2022/07/01

After this we do the same process we did before to be able to archive all emails prior to the specified date.

We can also specify that emails be searched for a specific date. For this we will do the following in the search engine: in:inbox after:2020/01/01 before:2021/06/30.

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