Surely on many occasions it happened to us that we hit the send e-mail button by accident, when we do it with friends or family, it is not too serious. However, when it comes to work or study issues, where we have to send something important by mail. For that reason, let’s see how to avoid the accidental shipment from post emails in Gmail on Android.

The process is too easy and it involves configuring an option which we have to enable, this option we will have to enable only once and from then on, we will have to confirm the sending of the mail before doing so.

This is quite useful because this way we will have the option to cancel the shipment before doing so. It is like when we are about to delete a file from Windows and a pop-up message appears asking us to confirm said deletion.

We have already taught you several things about Gmail: organize messages, add contacts, retrieve sent emails, log out, etc. In this case, the guide is quite straightforward and simple, the option is not too hidden in Gmail, so it is quite easy to enable it. We are going to see step by step how we should do it.

Avoid accidentally sending emails in Gmail

Guide to avoid accidentally sending emails in Gmail.

Obviously the first thing we will have to do is open the Gmail application on our mobile device. Next, we will have to go to the upper left corner, we will press on the three horizontal lines to display a new menu of options.


We scroll down the menu until we find the “Settings” option.

General configuration.

Once we are in the configuration page, we will have to click on “General Configuration”.

Avoid accidentally sending an email in Gmail.

We scroll through the general configuration section until the end. Then in the section “Confirmations of actions” at the bottom, we will have to activate the option that says “Confirm before sending”.

Confirm before sending email.

And ready; in this way every time we press the button to send emails, Gmail will show a confirmation message, so that we are completely sure that we want to send it. We will have to click on “Accept” to be able to send this message.

In this simple way we can avoid the accidental sending of emails in Gmail from Android; as you can see it is extremely simple and above all it is very fast.

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