• Few things are more annoying in laptops than the delay of the touch panel to the actions we perform
  • The causes of this problem can be varied, so we must rule them out one by one.
  • What are the steps to follow until I figure out why this touchpad delay in Windows?

If you use a laptop, you know that touchpad response lag can be a serious problem when gaming or working. This is an inconvenience that many of the people who use these devices tend to suffer, whether they are new or after spending months or years with them. Then, how can you avoid touchpad delay in windows?

Being one of the questions we receive the most daily, We want to focus not only on a specific reply that fixes the touchpad delay, but also on the various causes of this anomaly..

The first thing is that you stay calm or calm because the delay of the touchpad of your laptop has output. Basically, you have to discover what is causing it and act accordingly on that finding.

Having made these initial clarifications, the following is that the solutions that we are going to give work in any recent version of Windows, both Windows 10 and Windows 11, and that they will also help you if you are among those who noticed this touch panel delay with any of the Automatic Updates of the operating system.

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Why is the touchpad slow to respond?

As we said, there are various reasons why the touchpad may take time to respond to the action taken. Regardless of the reason itself, when hit with this issue, you should try a series of steps that are designed to rule out possible explanations, one at a time..

Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

The Windows Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter will help you get rid of obstacles that appeared in any of its versions, so it is advisable to use it in the first instance.

To run it, all you have to do is type this command in Command Prompt:

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

Over the next few minutes, the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter will scan your laptop for Windows conflicts, and tell you what isn’t working as it should.

Change touchpad sensitivity and cursor speed

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 allow you to customize the sensitivity of the touchpad and the speed of the cursor. It can, especially if you share your equipment, which Has anyone made changes? to the hardware configuration.

  • Click on the search for Windows 10 or Windows 11 and type Touchpad settings
  • Click on the desired option within the search results that appear
  • Within the touchpad and cursor settings, make modifications
avoid touchpad delay Windows 2

Here we cannot be so specific, because each user will have a configuration that they feel comfortable with.

Uninstall the latest Windows update

Although Microsoft developers do their best to make new Windows 11 updates stable, It is not at all strange that some incomplete code or other that produces failures or errors is leaked.

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In this case, we advise you to uninstall the latest Windows 11 update, which probably contains this incomplete code or similar, to check if getting rid of it makes your touchpad respond immediately again.

prevent touchpad delay Windows 3

Reinstall the touchpad driver

Another cause of this problem is a damaged touchpad driver, and while you can search for them on the Internet, we suggest that you do something easier than that: uninstall them so Windows can reinstall them.

  • Open Device Manager and expand the Mouse and other devices section
  • Right click on your touchpad driver and click Uninstall device

After uninstalling it, restart your laptop so that Windows will automatically reinstall it.

Modifies the Windows Registry

The last option to avoid touchpad delay in Windows is through the Windows Registry, by modifying it. For those who don’t know, the Windows Registry is a hierarchical database of the operating system.

An incorrect change in the Windows Registry could be the explanation for the problems we describe. That is why it is important to always have a System Restore Point and a backup copy of it.

  • Click on the search for Windows 10 or Windows 11 and type there Registry Editor
  • Click on the desired option within the search results that appear
  • The goal is none other than to change the value of AAPThreshold in the Registry, so paste this path and hit Enter
  • Make sure the touchpad key is selected on the left side
  • Double click on AAPThreshold Value on the right hand side
  • Write 0 to your value data
  • Click OK to save the changes
prevent touchpad delay Windows 4

For the modifications in question to take effect, the last thing you should do is restart your device.

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Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 allow users to change the speed of the mouse pointer. They can do this by moving the slider in the touchpad or mouse settings on a desktop PC. Whenever you observe a sudden change in its speed, the solution must be in Settings.

Have you been able to avoid the touchpad delay in Windows with these tricks that we teach you?

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