Fortunately, Android allows us block any number of telephone and prevent unwanted calls on Pixel devices, Samsung devices, and basically any phone running Google’s mobile operating system.

And the best of all is that achieving it is not very difficult to say, on any Android phone we are not going to have to be digging too much to achieve it. At first glance, with a few options, we can block any number that is annoying in a matter of a few minutes.

Generally, when spam reaches our phone, Android will take care of notifying us that it is spam (the background is red in the call) so we can avoid attending to it and block it immediately. However, some numbers may not be immediately recognized as spam. What can we do in these cases? We are going to block it manually.

Filter unknown calls

Although not all unknown numbers are really spam. Perhaps we are receiving a call from a job we have applied for, from the doctor’s office, etc. It’s not always spam, so we have to see how to filter out the so-called “junk” in a nutshell.

google pixel

When someone calls us on our Google Pixel phone, but it is not in our contact list and it is not a number that is immediately recognized as spam. Generally, we will see a pop-up window that will give us the possibility to reject, filter or answer the call.

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Rejecting the call will go directly to voicemail. In case of filtering it, we can see what the caller says as a text on the screen, then we can accept the call, reject it or send an automatic message. If we want to block the number, we can do it after hanging up.


In the case of Samsung, we are offered a basic spam identification app called Smart Call. In order to activate this option we will have to go to the phone application, click on the three points that are in the upper right corner of the screen and go to Settings> Caller ID and protection against spam.

From here we can enable the function and also activate spam and block unwanted calls for those people who are not in our contacts. We can choose to block all spam and scam calls or only high-risk spam calls. In this case, Samsung uses a service called Hiya, we will have to accept the terms and conditions of the service to use it.

Block phone number on Android

As we discussed earlier, we can block a call after hanging up. We are going to give a few examples on specific phone brands, but being an Android device; these steps should be very similar on all devices.

google pixel

Block Android number.
  • We open the Phone or Contacts application.
  • We will do a search for the person we want to block, in case we look for a call from a stranger, we will simply go to the Recent tab.
  • When we find it, we’ll long-press on that phone number.
  • If we use the Contacts app, we will have to choose Block number; from the Phone app, we select Block/Report spam. Either way, we will receive a notification that we will no longer receive calls or text messages with this number.
  • When we finish configuring everything, click on block.
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Samsung phones

  • We open the Phone or Contacts application.
  • We look for the person we want to block. If he is a stranger, we look from the Recent tab for the last call they made to us.
  • We will keep pressing the name of the contact in the Contacts tab for a few seconds until the option to Block number appears.
  • In the event that we want to block an unknown number, we go to the Recent tab of the Phone app, click on the number and then click on the information icon to expand the entry. We are going to see separate options at the bottom of the screen, where we will find the option to block and report the number.

Basically this would be it. From now on we would not have to receive calls from the number that we have blocked. Although if the person who tries to contact us is persistent, you can use a new number to achieve it; although we already know how to block them, something that takes just a few seconds and costs nothing.

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