Five years ago, we had already taught you how to block calls on Android, manually or automatically, but times advance, and with them the options offered by different operating systems, such as Google’s. On this particular occasion, if you’re still interested in it, or don’t want anyone to bother you for a while, we’ll show you how block all incoming calls on Android mobiles in 2021, easy and fast.

Well, the first thing we can mention in this regard is that current phones are capable of almost anything, even detecting in advance when an incoming call is actually SPAM from some company. Now, there are people who not only want to reject those SPAM calls, but they really do not want to receive no call, and they are in every right, so let’s see what alternatives they have at hand.

Different ways to block incoming calls on Android

With Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode is one of the most interesting there is in this sense, and it was introduced by the hand of Android Marshmallow, back in 2015, when smartphones began to become common as work tools. This allows you to disable, temporarily or permanently, notifications.

However, once you enable Do Not Disturb Mode, the best thing is that you will be able to establish different rules for maximum use. The configuration of this mode has evolved a lot in a short time.

Thanks to it, in fact, you will be able to block all incoming calls on your Android without even worrying about having to download third-party apps or anything like that. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Open your Android Settings
  • In Sound, seek Do Not Disturb
  • Within this menu, go to the calls section
  • In Calls, select «Do not allow calls in the pop-up menu»
  • If you want to go a little further, you can deactivate the “Allow repeated calls”

With Do Not Disturb Mode already specifically configured for this use, best of all, you’ll be able to enable or disable it completely from the home screen menu, sliding down.

With an application developed for it

Mobile users of some manufacturers in particular, such as Google or Samsung, may still be receiving some calls that the systems deem important for their ability to intervene.

Therefore, the only solution left to them if they definitely intend to block all incoming calls on Android is resort to a third-party application that is published in the Google Play Store.

  • Hiya: Call Identification and Blocking: this is a very good free app to block calls, detect fraud and identify who wants to contact you, a product of a Samsung partner.
  • RoboKiller – block spam calls: If you are looking for an experience more in line with that of a demanding user, you will surely feel comfortable with this SPAM blocker and automatic calls with multiple options.
block incoming calls Android 2

Also consider configuring call filtering

Call Screen It is a mechanism designed by Google, which had its official debut in the hands of the Pixel 3, and which has become an essential in the stock versions of Android that these devices provide.

The North American has been optimizing Google’s performance, making its own robotic voice introduce an automatic call, determining if we are in the presence of a call that must be attended or not.

You can configure call filtering on many Android in this way:

  • Open the Phone app on your device
  • Open the More menu with the three vertical dots
  • Select Settings, Spam and call screen
  • Look for “See caller ID and SPAM”, and make sure to turn it on
  • On Call Screen, tap each option for Unknown Call Settings
  • Finally, you have to tell the operating system to reject all calls that it deems intrusive


As it will have become clear, there are different tricks when it comes to blocking, partially or totally, incoming calls on Android. It all depends on what kind of interaction you are pursuing..

Then, there are some tutorials that we could consider complementary, for example if you are going on vacation. You have the possibility to silence WhatsApp calls on Android if you prefer.

Have you already been able to block all incoming calls on your Android mobile?

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