There are many emails that are sent and that may have tracking imagesthis is something we recommend to block in yahoo mail and any kind of email service we use. The reason? Simple, these images are used to find out if we have opened said email, something that is undoubtedly an invasion of privacy.

What is a tracking image?

A follow-up image is a pretty clever way of “letting the sender know” that an email was opened by the recipient. Well known as a “Tracking Pixel”, it is a small code that is embedded in a transparent image of a single pixel within the email. With the naked eye, we can’t detect it, so it’s pretty stealthy.

When we open the email, the tracking pixel or image is activated and sends information from the sender, telling them when the email was opened and at what time. In some cases we find that more sensitive information is sent, such as the location and what type of device we have opened it on.

These tracking pixels work in a similar way to cookies and provide information about what we do without us realizing it. We must consider that it does not look like an attached folder or an image file.

So, as we can see, it’s not a bad idea to block tracking images in Yahoo Mail. In case we receive too many emails from strangers, we recommend to implement virus checking of these emails.

Block tracking images in Yahoo Mail

The first thing we will obviously have to do is enter the website from Yahoo and log in with our account, as we normally would.

Yahoo settings.

Once we are logged in, we are going to proceed to click on the Settings icon that is shaped like a gear and is located in the upper right part, almost below the Home option.

More Yahoo settings.

A small window opens with several options, the one that really interests us is the one that says More settings.

View yahoo emails.

Here we will have to click on View email in the left sidebar.

So we can block tracking images in Yahoo Mail.

Under the Show images in messages section, we will have to choose Ask before showing external images.

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This would be all we have to do. So, when we receive emails from trusted friends, family or co-workers, then we can allow the images without any problem. On the other hand, if we receive messages from senders we don’t know, we will simply block them and that’s it.

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