Build a fountain in Minecraft It is something too simple and serves to decorate. Not everything has to be survival, fighting and searching for resources in this amazing open world game. We can also take our time to give a more personal and unique touch to our base of operations.

For those who want to add a little more variety to their Minecraft adventure, customize our home and make it really nice; It’s much better than just living in a dark and simple cave with the most basic things, right? We can even install mods to give our game a more special touch.

Building one or several fountains is ideal to give a relaxing touch to the environment, it is as easy as creating a gym which looks great on some bases.

Build a fountain in Minecraft

Minimalist font.

Possibly, in less than ten minutes we will have our first fountain because it is too easy to build. Something that we must take into account is that, depending on the size of the font, we will need more or less materials. We will be making a minimalist font, so we will require a few.

  • 22 blocks of stone bricks.
  • 8 glowstone blocks.
  • 16 brick slabs.
  • A bucket of water.

Once we have everything in order, we can start building our source, so we are going to follow the steps below to achieve it.

Build the base of the fountain

We can use any kind of blocks for this kind of construction. However, it is possible that we will find some types of stone that look more appropriate for the fountain, especially if we are going to buy them with brick or wood materials.

As we mentioned before, the larger we want the source to be, the more resources we will need. But to make a small font, we won’t need too many. Therefore, if we want to create a small one, even just starting the game, we shouldn’t have any problems.

In order to build the base of the fountain, we are first going to lay a five by five base with stone slabs in the area where we will create the fountain. Let’s remember that, if we want a bigger one, we could make it ten by ten, etc.

Create a group by deleting a layer

What we will do once we have the base is dig up a block of dirt just below the foundation of the fountain. This is very useful as it will help us create a path for a pool that will fill with water and prevent the fountain from flooding.

pillars and water

Now to finish we will have to give it the appearance of a fountain and the pillar is fundamental, we can make it short or tall, it will depend on our tastes. A short one should suffice for a small font. After building our pillar, which should be about six blocks tall, we’ll take a bucket of water and drop it on top of the pillar.

We can now watch as the water rushes down to fill the foundation of the fountain. Done! That would be all and we will have our source ready.

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