Nowadays, it is normal to have several subscriptions to different services such as Netflix to enjoy series and movies; Sporty to listen and download music; even enjoying the best Apple Arcade games, etc. Nor would it be strange if we decide to finish with some from time to time, for whatever reason, cancel subscriptions on iPhone It is something extremely simple. Next, we will see a simple guide with all even simpler methods with which we can cancel any kind of subscription that we have active.

Cancel subscriptions on iPhone from the App Store

Apple Store profile.

It is definitely the easiest way to cancel subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. First, we’re going to have to launch the App Store app. We will click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


Here we will have to press “Subscriptions” and we will see a list of subscriptions that are active with our Apple ID. We will click on the subscription that we want to cancel.

Confirm unsubscribe on iPhone.

Next, we will click on “Cancel subscription”. We will be asked to confirm the cancellation, so we will proceed to click on “Cancel” in the pop-up window.

In this simple way the subscription is already canceled and we will not have to worry about any renewal.

From the settings app


In case we do not want to use the App Store to manage subscriptions, we can also do it from the settings application. We start by opening the app and clicking on our name at the top. Here we will have to look for “Subscriptions”.

So we can cancel subscriptions on iPhone from settings.

After this, we will see a list of subscriptions that are active in our Apple ID, we will click on the one we want to cancel. Now a pop-up window will appear where we will have to press “Confirm” so that the subscription is effectively cancelled.

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It is worth clarifying that when we cancel a paid subscription, the subscription will remain active until the next billing period. However, when the subscription is canceled during the free trial period, we may not be able to access it immediately.

In case you want to cancel Apple One, but keep some subscriptions, we will have to choose individual services and then select the subscription that we want to keep.

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