For catch a fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons we are going to need a fishing rod and wait for the fish to bite the hook, then we will press the A key to grab it firmly or the fish will run away. So far we have the basics to be able to fish, but there are some more things that we should know in order to optimize our times.

Remember that, in the water, we can not only fish, we can also get a pearl, although it is not an easy task. Fishing may seem like a simple task, although it has its little quirks, but as we always say, as long as we don’t have to start from scratch again, there’s no problem. Everything can be learned.

Catch a fish in Animal Crossing: the best methods

Obviously, fishing is a bit more challenging than what we discussed earlier. The idea is to try to simulate, with its limitations, what fishing would be like in real life. This means that there are several places to fish and choosing the right one will depend on different factors.

Fishing spots spawn in different places and at different times. Therefore, we cannot predict where to fish because some fish only appear at night and are not easy to see.

getting ready to fish

Before starting it is essential that we get a fishing rod. This is the first thing we do after completing the tutorial on the island. However, the regular fishing rod can only be used a few times before it wears out. Although, we can fish without any kind of problem with this rod, we should consider upgrading it if we have money to spare.

To update the fishing rod, we will have to go to the Nook Stop terminal and buy the tool recipe package. Here we can update the fishing rod and other tools.

find the right place

If we are trying to fish to sell bells, we offer you a list of how much we can sell a fish and where to find it. Here we will leave you an image that has the list of the most expensive fish and where they appear. Despite being in English, we believe it is quite understandable.

fishing techniques

Considering that fish can be unpredictable, we will have to master a few techniques to increase our chances of success.

The first thing will be to establish a target to throw the cork in front of the fish, so that in this way the fish can swim towards the fishing line. In case the fish does not take the bait, we will wait a bit. Casting too soon will set off alarms and the fish will move away.

It’s also important to pay attention to the sound and vibration of the fish so you know when it bites hard. Otherwise, it could pull the lure too soon and obviously, we would lose the fish.

A certain number of fish will always appear to catch in a certain place; so the game is ready to work. Although it is too difficult to catch a specific fish without alerting the others. So the fewer distractions we have, the better our chances.

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