We cannot deny that Samsung’s software has evolved over time and, overall, it is one of the best Android interfaces that we will find on mobile phones. However, it is far from perfect and one of the things we would like is change the drawer from Applications a vertical in our Samsung galaxy.

The horizontal app drawer allows us to scroll through the different app pages to find the one we are looking for. But if you are like us who prefer the classic vertical app drawer, then this article will be useful for you. Although it is possible to change it, it is not very easy to say, although thanks to Good Lock, we find ourselves with a great possibility.

To change the vertical application drawer on a Samsung, we do not need to use a launcher or third-party launchers; Although it is a way to achieve it and we find several available in the Play Store.

Switch to a vertical app drawer on Samsung Galaxy

The first thing we will have to do is download Good Lock from the Galaxy Store by following this link. We are also going to have to download module HomeUp from the Samsung store.

We open Good Lock and select HomeUp. Then we go to the Start screen, we will have to click on the Application List switch to enable the option.

Configure GoodLuck

Clicking on the list of applications will allow us to establish the number of columns that we want in the application drawer.

After activating the app list, the app drawer will change automatically. We are going to see that there is now an upper section with two rows of apps. This is a kind of quick access to the applications that we use most often and that will help us to optimize our time when we want to find those apps that we open every day.

Vertical app drawer.

Additionally, if the app drawer is sorted alphabetically, we’ll see a blue line on the side so we can easily scroll through apps by letter.

In this simple way and thanks to Good Lock with the HomeUp module, we have managed to configure a vertical application drawer. We recommend investigating all the options offered by this application to be able to customize the theme or launcher of our Galaxy in the way that we like best.

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