On many occasions it is necessary change the space between lines in a document of Google docs. We may need to add a double space in a document or want to add a single space in a business letter. Regardless of this, we can get it and even customize it.

Although, Google Docs does not have the same features that we would find in Microsoft Word. It has very interesting and useful options like writing fractions, adding a PDF, summaries, tracking changes, etc. It is a free cloud tool that is constantly evolving and adjusting the line spacing is very simple.

Adjust or change line spacing in Google Docs

It is possible to change the line spacing of the entire document or just a specific part. In case of being with a new document, we can set the space between lines before starting and then focus on the content. If we already have text in the document, we will have to select what we want to change.

Spacing between lines.

Let’s click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button on the toolbar or we can choose Format > Line and Paragraph Spacing from the menu. After this we will see several preset options, we can choose between any of these.

Obviously, we can use different spaces between lines in the same document. We will only have to select the text that we want to change and choose the space.

Add or remove spaces before and after paragraphs

In the Line and Paragraph Spacing options, we’re also going to see two options available for paragraphs. This is quite useful if you want sentences to be spaced in a specific way, but want more space between paragraphs.

Doc Options.

Let’s select the paragraphs we want to change and click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button from Format. Now we are going to choose “Add space before paragraph” or “Remove space after paragraph”, depending on what we want to achieve.

Example of changing the space between lines in Google Docs.

We will then see that the text we selected has been updated to the settings we specified earlier.

Set custom line spacing option

Custom spacing.

In case the line spacing presets don’t work for you, you can create your own. We will click on Format > Line and paragraph spacing and then we will choose “Custom spacing”.

So we can use create a space between lines in custom Google Docs.

A box will open and we will have to enter the spacing we want to use in the Line Spacing box. Additionally, we can adjust the space between paragraphs. We will enter the number in the before and/or after boxes; when we finish we will click on “Apply”.

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