It’s totally legal change ip address and location in windows o modify the IP of any device; There are too many cases of content blocked by IP address that do not allow us to access web content or services due to our geographical location. In these cases, doing what we will tell you below will help us avoid this kind of blockage.

Change IP and location in Windows 10/11

Use a VPN or Proxy

Every time we use a VPN, we mask our real IP address with an IP address that belongs to the server we choose. All the activity that we have on the internet will appear registered in said IP address, preventing our real address from being known.

In the case of a Proxy, it works in a similar way to a VPN, although it is more like an intermediary. We connect the web we visit with the proxy instead of our computer. The main difference between the two is that the data is not encrypted, while a good VPN has several protocols to encrypt the data, which keeps us more anonymous and secure.

Disconnect and connect the modem

The Internet uses an IP address that was assigned by our provider. If we disconnect the modem or router for a few minutes, we may get a new IP address, the old address will be assigned to someone else. There is also no guarantee that you will get the same address again in the future.

use tor

To use Tor we must use the specific browser, the only way to do it is through the official Tor browser. Tor Project. With Tor, traffic and communication are sent through different nodes around the world, masking our IP and location. It would be something similar to a VPN, but without several of the options and features that these have. One thing we need to clarify is that upload speeds with Tor are not the best.

Ask the ISP for a new address

Our internet service provider is the one who provides us with our IP, so we can call the company and request a new one. Most of these providers should have no problem assigning a new one. Likewise, it is not something that we can do too often, so unless it is too important, we recommend using one of the methods mentioned above.

Change ISP

Let’s say that it is a somewhat extreme method because of how complicated it can be. But our internet provider is the one who provides us with the IP. So basically if we change providers we can get a new one.

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