• Your presentations can be a bit boring if you only use the default white as the background color, so we suggest trying other options, such as colors
  • By adding new background tones to your text documents you can give them a different image, making them stand out and shine, especially if you want to highlight white content in them.
  • Word can even print the files with the background color that you have selected

As you probably know if you have come this far, making good, original presentations is not easy at all. You may come up with some good ideas, but what will happen is that you won’t always be able to use them every time you want to say something to an audience. Having said that, If you want to give a different touch to your text documents processed in Office, you can try changing the color of a page in Word in seconds.

Of course, as we all know, Word uses white as the default page color for those documents that we create in this program, since it is the one that allows a better visualization of the text. Likewise, that does not prevent us from playing a little with our customization possibilities.

In fact, a very interesting detail is that in Word we will be able to use any color as the background color. Thanks to this versatility of the software, we can completely customize our documents, and even make their prints come out with those background tones, just by applying one more additional configuration, which will come in handy if you have to make your presentation as analog, not digital.

change page color word 2

How to change the color of a page in Microsoft Word?

Modifying the background color of a page in Word is quite simple, and no prior knowledge is required. Basically, You have to follow the steps that we are going to tell you below to be able to do it:

  • Open your document in Word as you normally do
  • In the Word window at the top, go to Layout, Page Background, Page Color
  • You will see several colors that you can select for the page background, and when you hover over each one of them, the Preview will show you how they would look, without having to apply it to the file. In case none of the colors thank you, you can indicate the specific hexadecimal code

We could say that this is all, since as soon as you accept one of the colors, it will be applied to the document. Our recommendation is that you play with several colors, until you are totally satisfied with one.

change page color word 3

And how to make Microsoft Word print the color of the page?

By default, Word does not print the background color of your page, but keeps it blank. We can establish changes on this configuration, so that it prints with the color that we have chosen.

  • In the Word document with the changed background color, click in the upper corner, on File
  • In the sidebar on the left select More, Options, Word Options, Show
  • In the right panel, in Printing Options, look for the option Print background colors and images, specifically enabling it, and clicking OK at the bottom to save the changes

From then on, Word will print the documents considering the selected background color.

And this is how you can give an original touch to your presentations!

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