Apple redesigned its flagship browser for iPhone a bit with new very interesting functions that will come in the next version of the operating system, such as focus mode, SharePlay, Health Sharing and several other things. In this article, we are going to discuss one of those changes and explain excuse me change the design of the bar from addresses from Safari on iOS 15.

The problem is that this change was not very well received by many users who had already become accustomed to having the address bar at the top. In this way, Apple made the decision to allow its users to decide where they want to place it. From iOS 15 we will have the possibility to modify the location of the Safari address bar. Best of all, it is really very easy.

Change Safari search address bar layout using browser settings

To begin, we will have to open Safari in iOS 15. Next, we will have to press on the “aA” button that is in the lower left part of the screen. When we do, a new menu will appear and we will have to choose the option “Show top address bar”.

And that would be it, from now on the bSafari search arra will appear at the top. In case we want it to appear again at the bottom, we will have to repeat the same process; only this time the option “Show tab bar at the bottom” will appear.

Change the layout from Settings

We can also do this from the Settings. We are simply going to have to look for the Settings icon among the iOS applications.

IOS 15 settings.

Next, we will have to scroll down and choose “Safari”. Then we will have to go to the “Tabs” section and we will have to choose “Single tab” to be able to move the search bar to the bottom or top.

Change location of Safari iOS address bar

We have several more options available in this section, we can even enable a tab bar in landscape mode. Even in earlier beta versions, we could find a “Show color in tab bar” accessibility setting that was currently renamed to “Allow website tinting”.

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