On some other occasion we will need change the Name of the bill from Google, it can be due to many reasons. However, there is only one way to do it and it is too simple. In this article we will show you step by step how to achieve it.

Change Google account name

If we are going to do it from a Windows, Linux, Mac or Chromebook computer, we will have to use the Google website to get it. So we’ll open our favorite web browser and head to the site web and we will log in with our account.

Personal information on PC.

Once we have logged in, in the left sidebar of the site, we will have to click on “Personal information”.


On the right side, we can see the “Basic information” section and we will have to click on the name of your current account.

We have already managed to change the name of a Google account on PC.

From here, we are ready to change the name of the account. We will click on the “Name” field and write the new name that we want to assign. Then we will do the same in the “Last Name” field. Once we finish editing these fields, we simply click on “Save”.

Modify Google account name from Android


From an Android mobile device, we will have to go to Settings and we will scroll to the “Google” option.

Manage Google account.

On the Google profile page, just below our name, we will have to press “Manage Google account”.

Personal information on Android.

Now, at the top, we are going to choose the “Personal Information” tab.

This is how we managed to change the name of a Google account

Next, in the “Personal information” section, we will have to click on our current name.

It will direct us to the “Name” page, where we can see the editable fields. If we click on “Name” we can modify it, the same happens in “Last name”. When we finish, we will click on “Save”.

Modify username from iPhone or iPad


In the case of Apple devices it is also very easy. We open Gmail on mobile and go to the upper left corner, we will press the three horizontal lines.


A new menu will open and we will select “Settings”.


Here we will have to press on our Google account.

Manage Google account.

Let’s choose “Manage Google account”.

Personal information.

Just below our name, we will press the “Personal Information” tab.

In this way we have managed to change the name of a Google account

In this section, we will be able to click on our current username. Now we will have the editable fields of “Name” and “Last name. We can modify them and we will finish by clicking on “Save” so that the changes are applied.

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