It’s not complex at all change the price of an NFT on OpenSea; a platform that allows us to buy, sell or mint non-fungible tokens. It is an interesting peer-to-peer proposal that gives its users the possibility to interact with each other in a simple way and helps to find the NFTs that we want to acquire.

Next, we will see in a simple way how to change the price of a non-fungible token in OpenSea. The process to change, increase or decrease the price is quite simple. Although we do not recommend using it so frequently, since we would be manipulating prices unfairly; so it is something that we should take into account when continuing.

How to change the price of an NFT on OpenSea

It is possible to change the price of our NFTs in just a few steps. Although we must bear in mind that the price lists can only be reduced and apply to ERC-721 NFT.

So, to begin with, we’re going to have to log in to our OpenSea account.

Choose NFT product.

Next, we’re going to choose the advertiser that we’d like to change the price to.

Change price.

Now we are going to have to enter the new price and we will choose “Full Listing”.

And that would be it, this way we can change the price of our NFT, something that will take a few minutes.

change minimum price

The minimum price is the lowest, not the average of our NFTs. The price is updated in real time; There are two methods to change the minimum price, depending on whether we want to increase or decrease the minimum price.

Raise the minimum price of NFTs

We will sell the NFTs to our other wallets, but at a higher price. The minimum price increase will happen automatically and in real time.

Decrease the minimum price of my NFTs

We will list our NFTs at a low price and then buy them with another wallet. This will automatically reduce the price to the minimum and will happen immediately.

Likewise, we must be careful. These methods are considered unfair price manipulation and should not be used frequently. It is possible to change the minimum prices in the amount that we choose, although it is not recommended to do it constantly. In this way we should not have any kind of problems.

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