If you open a new Google Sheets spreadsheet, you’ll see the same thing: a white page with a grid of cells. Each cell is the same size, even if the cell contents are larger than the cell borders.

If this is the case, you’ll need to think about resizing the cells in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You have several ways to do this, from manually resizing rows or columns to setting a cell (or cells) to the exact dimensions.

If you want to know how to resize cells in Google Sheets, follow the steps below.

Can individual cells be resized in Google Sheets?

Before we get started, it’s important to address how to resize a cell in Google Sheets. You can’t resize individual cells, but you can resize the column or row they’re in.

This is because the cells are in a grid. If you resize a single cell, the grid won’t work. The only way around this problem is to merge the cells. This creates a larger cell, but without losing the integrity of the grid.

How to manually resize a row or column in Google Sheets

The fastest and easiest method to resize cells in Google Sheets is to manually resize them. As mentioned, you can’t do this for individual cells, but you can change the dimensions of a row or column.

To manually resize a row or column in Google Sheets, open the Google Sheets spreadsheet. Next, hover your mouse cursor over the borders of the row or column header. The cursor will change to show an arrow icon.

Once you see it, press the edge and move your mouse cursor. For columns, move the column to the left or right to resize it. For rows, move it up or down.

When you are satisfied with the size of the row or column, release the mouse button. The cells in the row or column will resize. You can repeat this operation at any time to resize the column again.

How to resize cells in Google Sheets

If you use the above method, you will resize the cells, but you won’t know the exact size. If you need your cells in Google Sheets to be an exact size, you’ll need to resize them with the resizing tool incorporated.

To change the size of cells in Google Sheets, first open the Google Sheets spreadsheet, then select a row or column header. With the row or column selected, right-click the selected cells and press Modify Row Size either Modify Column Size.

In the popup menu resize, type a new size value in pixels. The default value is 100, unless you have previously resized the column or row. If you prefer to resize the row or column to fit any data in the cell, select the option Fit to data.

When you’re ready, press To accept to save.

Your column or row will resize to fit the newly selected dimensions. If you want to resize it again, repeat the steps above or tap Undo to return to the size you used previously.

Merge cells in Google Sheets

You can’t change the size of individual cells in Google Sheets. As we have mentioned, there is a solution: you can merge the cells.

To do this quickly, select the cells you want to merge in your spreadsheet and select the button merge cells.

If you want to undo it later, select the merged cell and click the button again. merge cells.

Work in Google Sheets

The above steps should help you to resize cells in Google Sheets. If you want to make a larger cell, you’ll need to combine it with all the cells around it.

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