In Outlook can change the level from protection from spam emailss in a simple way; in this way we can filter to our liking what we consider spam mail. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher the security level is set, the more likely it is that legitimate messages will end up in the spam folder. A little further down, we will see the options we have and how to configure them.

Change the level of spam protection in Outlook

Change the spam level in Outlook.

The first thing we will have to do is start Outlook and go to the “Start” tab and then we go to the section where “Delete” is located and we will click on the icon with a person and a red circle with a crossed line. A new menu is displayed where we will have to click on Junk Email Options.

Configure SPAM mail options in Outlook.

A new dialog box opens where we can configure the spam email options. In the “Options” tab we will have all the protection levels available.

  • No automatic filtering – emails from blocked senders will be moved to the spam folder.
  • Low – Moves the most obvious spam email to the SPAM folder.
  • High: the vast majority of spam emails are “captured”, although we must bear in mind that it is possible that some normal emails also end up as SPAM; so we would recommend checking your spam folder from time to time just in case.
  • Only safe lists: we will only receive emails in the inbox from people or domains that are on the list of safe senders.
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In this way we can change the level of protection from emails, spam or unwanted very easily; although we must consider that it will have its consequences depending on the selected level.

Main difference between spam and block emails in Outlook

What is spam? Spam emails are spam messages and are generally annoying; they can even become a security and privacy problem. Luckily, most of the time they are automatically moved to the spam folder. The Block feature prevents items sent by the sender, sender’s domain, group, or mailing list from being marked as junk.

How to know if it is spam?

If we want to investigate whether an email is spam, we will have to look at the sender’s address, the information it provides and, above all, the content of the message. The vast majority of the time, spam emails end up being scams or malware; For this reason, we must be very careful when opening these messages, especially if they provide links to dubious sites or downloads.

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