Check data usage on iPhone It is something very important, most of us do not have unlimited plans. Therefore, we must take care of data consumption so as not to be surprised with the bill at the end of the month or not run out of mobile data in the middle of the month.

Check data usage for a specific time on iPhone

We launch the Settings application on our mobile device and then press the “Mobile data” option.

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone

Next, we scroll down to the “Mobile data” section. Here we will have to be able to visualize the total data consumption right next to the “Current Period”. In this section, we can also see the amount of data that has been consumed during the current roaming period.

Data consumed in a given period of time.

Additionally, if we want to see the mobile data usage for individual system services, we will have to go to Settings > Mobile data > Cellular. Here we will press System services. We must consider that it is not possible to activate/deactivate mobile data for individual system service.

In the case of an iPhone that has a dual SIM, the operating system will show us the amount of mobile data that was used with the number that we have selected.

Monitor data usage of specific apps

Again, we start in Settings > Mobile data. This time, we will scroll down to see a fairly long list of applications, here we will be able to see how much data each of the applications that we have installed has consumed.

Check data used by a specific app on iPhone.

This is something extremely useful if we want to verify how much data the different applications that we install on the device have used.

Check the data consumed in the personal hotspot

Verify data used in Personal Hotspot iPhone

We start with Settings> Mobile data. Here we scroll down to the Mobile Data section. We can check the total usage right next to Personal Hotspot to be able to see all the devices in which mobile data has been used. So, we hit Personal Hotspot.

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Reset mobile data statistics

Reset data on iPhone.

It is possible to manually reset all mobile data statistics on our device. For this we are going to go to Settings> Mobile data. Next, we go down until we find the option “Reset statistics”. We will see a pop-up window at the bottom asking us to confirm the action. We press again on “Reset statistics” to finish.

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