Do you fancy an afternoon of series and movies? Or why not take advantage of the day to make a video call with friends. Do you want to know how? Here we tell you everything you need to know to acquire a plan triple play. Internet, TV and telephonyeverything at your fingertips.

What is triple play?

Here’s the good news! Get Internet, TV and telephony for your home is possible with a single plan. This is known as triple play. Thus, instead of contracting different providers, the same company offers all the services together.

The 3 benefits of triple play

1. custom plans

With the triple play You decide aspects such as Internet speed. Thus, depending on your activities, you can opt for more megabits (Mbps) in your connection. This is ideal for those who play on-line or work from home, for example.

2. exclusive offers

Some companies offer preferential rates when contracting their services in a combo. They even include internet and cable promotions. With these you can access a catalog of series and movies or streaming platforms. streaming. Live a family movie night!

3. Unification of services

For one thing, you’ll only have to pay your bill to one company. It is no longer necessary to go to different providers. Also, in case of a failure in any service, you only have to contact technical support. The same line will provide the solution to the problem!

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What should I take into account when contracting Internet, TV and telephony plans?

Now you know the advantages of having Internet, telephony and television all in one. Before contracting your plan, it is important that you are clear about what exactly you are looking for. Do not worry, we have prepared some aspects to take into account. Let’s go step by step!

Identify the speed of the Internet

This depends on how many megabits are transferred per second. When reviewing your plan information, you will find it with the abbreviations Mb/s, Mbit/s, or Mbps. Thus, the higher the number of Mbps, the faster your connection will be.

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The important thing here is that it is useful to those who use it and their activities. Let’s give an example that you need to make several video calls a day. One option for you is the broadband network. With this high-speed connection you can talk without interference.

Check the call rates

Prices are usually set per minute and sometimes calls are free up to a certain time. In addition, they vary depending on whether it is local or international and the geographical area. Therefore, it is best to define which telephone plan is best for your home. So you don’t exceed your budget!

Compare plans and services

Remember how we were talking about choosing the number of megabits? There are still more to choose from! For example, some packages offer exclusive content with cable and Internet service. Others, on the other hand, complement the options by installing an antivirus for free.

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Knowing your plan in depth allows you to make the best decision. In addition, this way you will know exactly what your package includes and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

What do I need to contract an Internet, TV and telephony plan?

In general, the provider company will request the following to make you the owner of the line:

  • Proof of address
  • Identification document
  • proof of income

Once you have this documentation, it is time to start the process. It is very simple! We share the step by step:

  1. Contact the company through an agent or point of sale.
  2. Choose the plan of your interest and fill out the form provided.
  3. Review the contract, terms and conditions of your plan.
  4. Finish the payment process and that’s it!

With this guide, hire your service Internet, TV and telephony too easy. We hope the tips have been useful to you. Live the best experience from home with triple play! Tell us, are you ready to choose your plan?

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