In case we have problems with the Instagram application or we simply want to delete recent searches. It is quite simple to clear both types of Instagram cache, both on Android and iPhone..

Clear Instagram cache on Android

In the case of Android users, the steps that we will have to follow to be able to clear the Instagram cache may vary a bit depending on the phone and the version of the operating system. However, it should be pretty similar in all cases.


We start by opening the Settings app on our device. Next, we will have to scroll down and choose Applications.


Among all the applications, we are going to have to look for the one that says Instagram and we will click on it.


In this section, we will choose the Storage option.

Clear Instagram cache on Android.

Here we will have to go to the lower right corner and click on Clear cache.

Now the phone will delete all the cache of the social network and any problems related to it should be solved. We recommend restarting the mobile before reopening the application.

Delete cache from iPhone

In the case of the iPhone we have a drawback and that is that only a few applications offer the possibility of clearing the cache without having to reinstall the application. Unfortunately, for Instagram we are going to have to proceed to uninstall and reinstall the app.

After reinstalling the application, we will have to re-enter the login details. Likewise, we are not going to lose any kind of data that we have in our account (stories, highlights, chats, friends, etc.)

On iPhone, so we can clear Instagram cache

The first thing we will do is look for the application on the home screen. Then we long press on the app and we should see an X on the app icon, then we press Delete and that’s it.

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In newer versions of iOS, we will have to press and hold the app and choose Delete application, then we press Delete application again and we will have Instagram uninstalled.

Now all we have to do is visit the App Store to download the app again and install it as we normally would.

Clear recent searches on Instagram

To do this is the same from iPhone and Android. We are going to have to open the application and click on our profile picture, in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once we are on our profile page, we will have to press the menu that has three horizontal lines and that we will find in the upper right corner.

My activity.

In this new menu we are going to choose Your activity.

Recent searches.

We scroll down until we find Recent Searches.

Clear Instagram searches.

We can press X to delete an element individually, in case we want to delete a single search. But if what we are interested in is deleting everything, we simply click on Delete all at the top.

And that would be all. Instagram removes all the search items we previously had. In more extreme cases, we can even easily delete the Instagram account if we no longer want to use the social network.

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