We cannot deny that playing with quality sound generates a totally different experience. It is not the same to play with headphones than with speakers, the feeling of immersion is something completely different and that is why we recommend being very clear about how connect the headphones Bluetooth to Xbox Series S or Xsomething that we are going to learn a little more below.

Connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox Series S or X

One big problem with regards to Microsoft is that it has no interest in allowing its users to connect Bluetooth headsets natively. The company does not have Bluetooth support of any kind, this is justified because wireless connections generate latency. This is something that we cannot deny because it is totally true, it is not that everyone is bothered by that little latency.

But need not be alarmed, it is still possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to these consoles. The easiest way to achieve this is to purchase a Bluetooth dongle. Something that we must make very clear is that any method will only transmit audio; we can’t use this to communicate via voice chat.

In case you have problems with the sound, we recommend a small guide to solve audio problems on the console that will surely get you out of trouble.

Connecting Bluetooth Dongle and Headphones

These consoles send audio signals to the controller wirelessly, allowing the use of Bluetooth dongles. Once we insert the dongle, we will have to follow these steps.

Turn on Bluetooth Dongle.

The first thing will be to turn on the Bluetooth dongle.

Turn on headphones.

Next, we proceed to turn on the headphones.

Pair wireless headphones.

We will activate the pairing mode of the headphones.

Activate transmitter.

We will proceed to do the same with the transmitter.

We are going to have to check if the devices are paired, if so the only thing left to do is start playing.

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We must consider that each dongle and headset is different, so the steps may vary slightly. However, they generally work this way and in this order. Bluetooth transmitters are worth every penny as we can use them on multiple devices and they support a huge range of headphones.

What we want to make clear is that we are not using a USB Bluetooth dongle, instead we have chosen to connect the dongle to the controller to power it.

from a tv

Obviously, the huge window of playing on a Smart TV is that they have integrated Bluetooth. So in these cases it is not necessary to buy anything additional and a dongle becomes optional.

What we must consider is that smart TVs are different, so the steps may vary. But to give us an idea of ​​what we have to do, we will see an example a little further down.

Pairing mode.

We are going to start by activating the pairing mode of our wireless headphones.

Bluetooth connection.

We go to our smart TV and we will look for the Bluetooth connection option.


We are going to search for devices and when we see our headphones we will select them.

So we can connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV and play with our Xbox Series

We will pair these headphones and verify that the connection is made successfully.

Now we can start playing without problems. Something that we must consider is that the Bluetooth connection can be unstable if we are not close to its origin. So it’s something we should seriously consider in order to have a better gaming experience.

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