Google is testing a new feature called “Camera Switch.” It is an improved Accessibility feature of Android Accessibility Suite. It is available in the beta of Android Accessibility Suite 12.0.0 that began to be implemented from the fourth beta version of Android 12. Thanks to this interesting function, it is possible control one phone Android using facial expressions.

You don’t need to have Android 12 to be able to control your phone with facial expressions. Before doing this article, we downloaded the beta of Android Accessibility Suite on a ROG Phone 5 and it worked without any kind of problem. In case you don’t see “Switch Access” you will have to download the file APKMirror APK.

How to control Android with easy expressions

Control Android phone with facial expressions.

We will have to start by entering “Settings” and then looking for the “Accessibility” option. In the interaction controls we will have to go to “Improved accessibility”.


After this we will have to activate the option “Use improved accessibility”. A pop-up window will appear where it asks us for full control of our device, to control the screen and perform actions. We will have to put “Allow” to continue.

Camera Switch or camera switch.

After enabling the improved accessibility, we will have to choose between several options. In this case we are going to choose “Camera Switch” or “Camera Switch”. We can use one or two, Google recommends using two to have more gestures, so on the next screen we will select “Two switches” is the recommended option below.

Configure facial gestures to control Android.

Next, we are going to have to choose how the enhanced accessibility will scan the screen. The options we have are: Line Scan, Row-Column Scan and Group Selection. Here we can choose the one that best suits us and once we do so we will press “Next”. On the next screen we are going to have to choose one of the facial gestures that we would like to use.

Switch Access settings on Android.

To serve as an example, we can configure the “Smile” gesture to open the Android Settings. In the same way we can assign different gestures so that other actions are carried out. For this we will have to follow the steps that we discussed previously. In case we want to modify the gesture, we will simply have to click on the button that says “Edit assignment”.

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