Voice messages on WhatsApp and other social media often arrive at the wrong time. And listening to them is not always convenient. Fortunately, audio is easy to convert to text. How to do this, we will tell you in the article.

How to turn a voice message into text?

Voice messages are often annoying – sometimes it’s easier to read something than to listen for a long time as the interlocutor talks about what could be written in a couple of phrases. However, the recorded audio can be viewed as text. To do this, you need to install any additional application for sound decoding on your smartphone.

It may be that some will be misidentified. But from the context and the similar sound in most cases, you can quickly figure out the correct word.

How to convert audio file to text on iPhone?

For the iOS system, an excellent Textify application has been created – it can quickly turn a voice message into text. To do this, simply “share” a message from a messenger, such as WhatsApp, and then select “Import with Textify. The program will analyze your voice message in a few seconds and display it as text.


Download Textify from the App Store

How to turn a voice message to text on Android?

The free app is available for all Android smartphones. To transcribe the audio with him, you also need to “share” a voice message – in a couple of seconds after that. You will receive a standard and pleasant-looking text.


Download Textr from Play Market

How to “secretly” listen to WhatsApp voice messages

Unfortunately, both audio decryption apps work well only when the recording quality is very high. Otherwise, you may get an utterly incomprehensible transcription of the message. 

But there is one trick that will allow you to quietly listen to the audio message even if you do not have headphones.

  • Enter the chat with a voice message and click the Play button.
  • Immediately bring the phone to your ear with a regular movement, as if you are calling someone: the upper half of the smartphone with the camera and speaker will be right next to your ear, and the screen will turn off.
  • Almost all smartphones recognize this gesture and switch to the phone speaker. Now only you can hear the voice message – just like during a call. 

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