Want convert images to PDF files on iPhone or iPad? You can do it quickly by creating a custom workflow with the app Shortcuts from Apple, which will convert the images for you.

It’s a bit fiddly to set up but once done, image to PDF conversion can be completed with just one click. This is what you have to do.

Convert images to PDF on iPhone on iPad

Suppose you have filled your iPhone with hundreds of fantastic images. You may want to share them but you don’t want to see them edited. To do this, you can convert the images to PDF files first, making them read-only.

The steps to do this work on iPhone and iPad devices.

To convert images to PDF on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your Apple mobile device.
  2. Then press the + icon at the top right of the app.
  3. In the box, add a Shortcut name.
  4. Press Add Action.

  5. Writes Select Photos in the search box.
  6. Choose Select photos in Media.
  7. Select the right arrow next to the words Select Photos.
  8. Press the icon Multiple choice.
  9. Scribe Make PDF in the search box.
  10. Choose Make PDF of the list.
  11. Scribe Share in the search box.
  12. Please select Share in the results.
  13. Play the Settings icon in the upper right.
  14. Activate the option Add to home screen.
  15. Press Add.
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You will now see an icon Convert to PDF on the iPhone home screen.

Running the shortcut

Now is the time to run the shortcut created to convert images to PDF on your mobile device.

  1. Press the icon Convert to PDF on the home screen, which will bring up the Photos app.
  2. Choose the photos you want to convert.
  3. Please select Add in the upper right.
  4. Choose a selection from the available options from the pop-up menu. In the example below, we want to cover three images, so we must select Show all 3 or Always allow.
  5. Then press Save to files.
  6. Choose the Location to send your newly created PDF. You can also use the share sheet and send the PDFs via AirDrop, Messages and Mail.

Using other shortcuts on the iPhone

Some Apple shortcuts work best as a widget, activated directly through the app or from device notifications. Others are ideal for use on an Apple Watch. To use a Shortcut using your voice, you will be asked during the installation process to record a phase. Then, as you move forward, you activate the Shortcut by saying “Hey Siri”, followed by the phrase.

Most of the Shortcuts are found directly in the Gallery section of the Shortcuts app. You can also install Shortcuts by tapping on a provided link from a compatible device. Once you’ve created a shortcut, it will be accessible on all your compatible devices.

Below you will find the links to all the recommended shortcuts. Tap Get shortcut for the ones you want to get started with, and then tap Add Shortcut or Add Rogue Shortcut, depending on whether a third party created the shortcut.

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Changing pictures on the iPhone

The steps above should help you convert images to PDF using the Shortcuts app on iOS and iPadOS. Once you have created the shortcut, completing the task is simple and can be completed in a few clicks.

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