• If you have a Nikon camera, you are probably used to working with their original format for their files, which is the NEF, or Nikon Electronic Format, sometimes lacking support
  • There are numerous solutions when transforming a NEF file into a more common image file, so just look for one that suits your needs

Switching the different contents that we may have stored on our PC or other equipment from one format to another is essential if we want them to weigh less, to be compatible with other software, or to look different. In this case, we want to show you the steps to follow to convert NEF or Nikon Electronic Format files to other common image files, such as JPG, PNG or GIFwhich can be more useful most of the time.

For those who don’t know, Nikon Electronic Format is a raw image captured by a Nikon digital camera. Basically, these elements contain raw, compressed information, which increases their size quite a bit. Thinking about being able to share those files, the truth is that it makes a lot of sense to try to make them definitive, modifying them so that they weigh as little as possible, and are thus easier to handle.

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Convert NEF files to JPG, PNG or GIF step by step

In general, there are two main ways to transform NEF files to JPG, PNG or GIF, with the good news that both are completely free, and that we can even customize our experience depending on the service. The thing is you have to choose one of the applications, online or downloadable, that allow you to perform this trick.

convert NEF 2 files

Taking advantage of Internet portals

If you only need to convert a NEF image to JPG, it may not be worth downloading and installing anything. On the contrary, in this case we advise you to take advantage of an Internet portal with these functions.

online-convert.com (official Web)

online-convert.com is a 100% free file conversion tool for converting NEF to JPG. Can you convert batch file formatseven altering the resolution of the images to your liking.

loveimg.com (official Web)

Like the previous one, it accepts batch conversion, it does not charge anything to use it, and you can even share the results, already in more traditional formats, through the main social networks.

CloudConvert (official Web)

CloudConvert is a popular online file converter that also allows you to convert NEF images to JPG. Besides, lets you work with other class of elementssuch as documents, audio, videos, e-books and more.

convert NEF 3 files

Downloading and installing free programs

Chasys Draw IES (to download)

Chasys Draw IES is a free batch NEF to JPG converter software that you can install on Windows. It allows you to convert multiple NEF images to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many more image formats.

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In fact, It does not come alone but is accompanied by two other apps: Chasys Draw IES Viewer and Chasys Draw IES.

photoscape (to download)

Photoscape is a very famous program of its kind, a complete suite with numerous image processing functions that include, in addition to a converter, as many others as a GIF file creator.

We also suggest its use as an image display system, replacing the original Windows one.

SageThumbs (to download)

SageThumbs is a free software to convert NEF images to JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP, whose main strength is related to the fact that it is activated directly from the context menu of the files with compatible formats, as you can see in the image abovewhich greatly speeds up this procedure.

Other frequently asked questions

How do I convert NEF files to JPEG for free?

To convert NEF image files to JPEG -or other- formats for free, just you have to choose one of the tools that we have just shown you, because none of them will charge you to use it.

How do I convert RAW images to JPEG?

In some situations, you may want convert RAW images to JPEGand in that case we especially recommend some programs that you can download, such as XnConvert or IrfanViewto name two of them.

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