copy files from a Mac to one usb flash drive It is a very fast process, it is not necessary to have third-party programs, it is as simple as dragging the files that we want to copy and that’s it. In the following article we will see a detailed guide on this very useful topic.

Macs are incredibly powerful and have different very interesting options to make our day-to-day life easier. From forcing the closure of an application that perhaps is consuming too many resources or has stopped working, to completely uninstalling the apps, working with office automation programs and many other very interesting things.

The idea of ​​being able to copy files to a USB drive is great, we can quickly transport our files from one computer to another or make a small backup.

Copy files to a USB flash drive on Mac from Finder

The first thing we will do is connect the USB flash drive to an available USB port on our Mac. We will have to wait a few seconds for the Mac to recognize the device we just connected.


Now we are going to click on the Finder icon, the integrated Mac application to be able to manage the files.

USB flash drive.

Once we’re in the Finder window, we’re going to head over to the sidebar on the left hand side. In case we do not see the sidebar, we will have to go to View and then Show sidebar at the top of the screen.

If our USB drive was correctly recognized, it will appear in the “Location” list. In the example that accompanies this article, the USB flash drive has the name of MacTransfer, although it can be anyone. We are going to realize that it is a removable drive because it will have a small icon on the right side to eject.

Drag files.

Next, from this same window we are going to find the folder where all the files that we want to copy to the USB drive that we just inserted into the Mac are located. We click and drag them to the name of the drive in the left sidebar .

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After doing this, a small window will appear where we will see a progress bar. Obviously, we are going to have to wait for it to finish in order to have all the files on the removable drive. If by any chance we want to cancel the process, we will click on the X.

In this way we have been able to copy the files to the USB flash drive from Mac.

Once it’s done, we’re going to click on the name of the USB flash drive and we’ll see all the copied files. In this simple way, we already have all the files we want on the USB flash drive; It is something quite simple that will only take a few minutes, depending on the number of files that we want to copy.

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