Create a Microsoft account using Windows 11 It is an extremely simple process, quite similar to the one we had to follow from Windows 10. When we have a Microsoft account we can access all the company’s applications and services (some free, others paid) such as: Office, Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, Outlook, etc. However, one of the most important things is the possibility of managing everything wherever we are thanks to cloud storage.

Create a Microsoft account in Windows 11

Actually, creating a Microsoft account from Windows 11 is really simple and all we have to do is enter this website and complete the information requested to create the account. We recommend using real data in case you ever need to recover the password or solve some other kind of inconvenience.

For a family member

For a family member.

An option that Windows 11 offers us is the possibility of creating individual child accounts. Thanks to a child account, the youngest members of the household can connect to the internet and access functions such as the one offered by the Family Safety app. What functions can we find? Limit device usage, activity tracking, parental control, etc. Next, we will see step by step everything we have to do to create an account:

  • We start by clicking on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, then we go to Settings. We can also do this by pressing the Windows + i key combination.
  • Now we are going to click on Accounts in the left sidebar.
  • What we will do here is click on Family that is in the right panel.
  • Now we are going to click on Add someone, the blue button on the right side.
  • A new window opens where we will have to specify a new email and click Next.
  • We create a password and click Next again.
  • We add the name and surname of the child and click on Next again.
  • Now we’re going to have to add the child’s date of birth and Next again.
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We will have to solve a small security puzzle to be able to complete the account creation and voila, we have a child account created in Windows 11.

Create an account for other users

Create for other users.

What we can also do is create a Microsoft account to share the computer with other people. It is quite useful to have separate accounts to prevent other people from accessing our personal files and settings.

  • We go to Windows Settings.
  • From here we go to Account> Other users.
  • We click on Add account.
  • Then we will click on I don’t have this person’s login information.
  • Click on Get a new email address.
  • We will write a valid email address and click Next.
  • We are going to have to choose a password and again click Next.

We enter all the data that the wizard will request in order to finish the account configuration. When we log into Windows 11 for the first time, we are going to have to stay connected to the internet. Then we will be asked to create a security PIN and it will not be necessary, unless we forget this PIN.

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