In Minecraft, the world where we start is not the only dimension that exists. Can create a nether portal in minecraft and travel to a kind of hell dimension full of mobs, hostile and neutral mobs. Everyone wants to enter this place because of the large number of rare resources and loot that we can find.

With the idea of ​​trying to do things as quickly as possible, because we understand that perhaps creating a portal can be something that takes a little time, we have several faster ways to get around in Minecraft; which will help us save a lot of time. Especially if we eat the anxiety to go to the Nether.

Create a Nether portal in Minecraft with lava

In order to create an abyssal portal we will need two main ingredients: obsidian and fire. Although fire is not a block, we can start it with the following tools: flint and steel, fire charge, fireballs made by ghasts, lightning strike, natural fire, etc.

As for obsidian, it is a rock that forms when we combine lava with water. Although it can happen naturally, the ideal is to create our own obsidian blocks, it is not that complex either.

The portals have to measure, even if it is 4×5 blocks, but the maximum is 23×23. So we’re going to need quite a bit of obsidian to get to the Nether.

Due to its high durability, obsidian cannot be mined with any tool other than a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Although it can be broken with a pickaxe from another material, it will not give us obsidian.

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So, we start by making some cubes.

create bucket of water

Now we’ll have to get some water.

get water

Next, we will have to go to a cave and find lava that has more than 10 blocks.

Find lava to create a Nether portal in Minecraft

We leave the cave and we will break two blocks, the idea will be to create a hole in the ground.

Break blocks.

We put lava in the hole and then we add the water, we will see that the obsidian is quickly created.

Pour water and wash.

We will have to repeat the process until we have a door shape.

Create a Nether portal in Minecraft

Now we will have to take the flint and steel.

Portal to the Nether activated.

We will have to use this to open the Nether Portal, we will realize that it was opened because it will begin to glow purple.

Create it with obsidian

In case we have obsidian blocks, we can easily build an abyssal portal without having to go through lava.

Create diamond pickaxe.

The first thing we will have to do is make a diamond pickaxe.

Look for lava.

Next, we will go to a cave that has a lot of lava.

Throw water.

We throw some water on the lava to be able to create the obsidian blocks.

Extract obsidian.

We will use the diamond pickaxe to be able to extract the ore. Here we recommend mining at least 14 obsidian blocks.

Create a Nether portal in Minecraft

We leave the cave, go to where we want to create the portal and place the obsidian blocks in a 4×5 frame.

Turn on the portal.

We are going to use the flint and steel to be able to start a fire in the frame.

Thus we have managed to create a Nether portal.

Automatically, the portal to the Nether will be activated and we will be able to use it.

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