Currently, working with dozens of websites at the same time from our browser is something relatively normal. Between reviewing statistics, sources, news and other issues, we can end up with too many open tabs and a real chaos. Fortunately, Chrome allows us to create and save groups of tabs to keep everything more organized and above all, with fewer headaches.

Create and save different groups of tabs in Chrome

How to create a group of tabs in Chrome

The first thing we will have to do is choose one of the tabs that we want to include in a group and we will right-click on it. Next, we’re going to need to select Add Tab to Group > New Group. Now, we go on to write the name of the new group, we can choose a color to quickly distinguish it from any other group that we create.

Once created, we will have to click and drag the tabs that we want in the group towards the label; when we see them underlined with the chosen color, it means that they are part of the group. We can also click and drag them to remove them from this group.

When we are not using the tabs in this group, we will simply click on the label and all the tabs will collapse into it, leaving us with plenty of space to continue doing other tasks. When we have to use them again, we click on the label in question and that’s it.

How to manage tab groups

There are several ways to manage tab groups by right-clicking on the tab and choosing any of the menu options:

  • New tab in group: to be able to create a new tab without using.
  • Ungroup: to remove the tag from the group to keep the tabs.
  • Close Group – Removes the tag and closes all tabs.
  • Move group to a new window: we will change the window group.

Reopen a group of tabs

In case we closed a group of tabs and regret it, we can easily find the same ones and restore them.

  • For this, we click on the search tabs icon, it is the down arrow in the upper right corner of the web browser.
  • We scroll down to Recently Closed.
  • We’ll have to look for little colored dots under the tab names. Obviously, they will be the same color as the label that we created previously and we will even see its name.
  • We cannot open all the tabs at once, although if we click on them, they will reopen one at a time as part of the group.

Save a group of tabs

In case we have a group of tabs that we will use regularly, then the best thing would be save this tab group. Google Chrome does not yet have a function for this in the context menu. Although it is available from the browser flags. We must emphasize that it is an experimental function, it may have errors.

  • We open a new blank tab from Chrome and type in the navigation bar Chrome://flags and press Enter.
  • In the search field at the top we will write tab groups.
  • Next to Save tab groups we will click on the drop-down menu where it says Default and we will choose Enable.

Now we will have to click Relaunch for the browser to restart. Once it restarts, we will have to right click on the tab group and we will see a new option that says Save group.

In order to find the saved group of tabs, we are going to have to click on the three dots that are in the upper right corner and we will choose Browsing history.

We will look for Recently closed the number of tabs we had when we closed the browser. If we choose the appropriate entry, we will be able to see all the tabs that were in Chrome at the time we closed it, including the one in the group. We will click on Restore window and we will see all the tabs, also the group.

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