Although it has always been considered one of the best applications for gamers, the truth is that the months of confinement as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and especially the fury for Among Us, made Discord one of the great “winners” of the epidemiological situation. You may even have created a server to have a great time with your friends. And if you want to become the best host, you might be interested in learning how to create custom emojis for your Discord server. So you will be close to being it.

Of course, while it is true that we already have access to some emojis on Discord, as can happen with other communication platforms, there comes a time when those emojis are not enough to say what we want. It is then that we must resort to the different solutions to create custom.

The advantage, in this sense, is that Discord effectively allows you to upload and use custom emojis on the servers, so as to make interactions more fun, so you can take advantage of that.

Discord and custom emojis

As we said, Discord allows you to use custom emojis to express yourself better. Emojis that, on the other hand, can be static or animated. Total, will allow you to load up to 50 of each class 100% free.

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Now, it is important to know that both you and the other members of the server will require access to a paid subscription from Discord Nitro to fully enjoy these animated emojis.

Returning to the above, you have up to 50 slots available for each type of emoji, and if the server unlocks the Tier 1 perks, you will access another 50 additional slots for each one. So as we go slowly increasing our level, we will get more slots for emojis, and more custom emojis we will have.

create custom emojis Discord 2

So you can have your custom emojis on Discord

Create custom emojis in Discord

So let’s move on to action, clarifying first that in order to upload custom emojis to your Discord server you will have to meet certain requirements: image cannot exceed 128 × 128 pixels or 256 KB.

  • Choose the image, and crop it to a 1: 1 ratio, with software like FastStone Image Viewer or similar
  • When you have the square crop, reduce the size of the image to 128 × 128 pixels and save it as PNG
  • If you want its background to be transparent, you can use a program for it, such as Photoshop

Find emojis from other servers

If all those steps seem like too much work, you can always pick a few good emojis out of all the ones that are available on the Discord servers. “Good artists copy, great artists steal,” right?

And although this option limits us only to the Discord app for computers, and leaves out everything that is the mobile application, it can be an interesting alternative if you don’t have the desire or time to create your emojis.

  • Go to the server that you like, and there select the emoji that you want to add to yours
  • Right click and click on “Save image as”
  • Store the image in PNG format in a folder on your PC
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How to upload custom emojis to the server?

Regardless of which previous tutorial you have chosen, at this point you already have your images on the computer, and the next step will be upload those custom emojis to it. This is done from the Settings section.

  • Open your Discord server, and click the down arrow in the upper left corner next to the name
  • From the list of options that appear on the screen, choose “Server Configuration”
  • In the left sidebar, click on “Emoji” to go to that section
  • Press the button «Load emoji» and choose an alias for it

With that you will have that custom emoji already uploaded to the server, and like the previous ones, all you have to do is search for it in the chat or write the alias that will make it appear in the conversation.

create custom emojis Discord 3

How to add custom emojis to Discord from mobile?

If what you want is add custom emojis to Discord from mobileYou will see that the procedure is not too far from the one we explained in the previous lines, so let’s see what to do on both iOS and Android.

  • Open the Discord server on your phone, and click on the vertical three-dot menu next to the server name
  • Go to the Settings section, and once there, go to “Emoji” and “Load emoji”
  • Point to the emoji from the file manager, and hit “Load”
  • Click on “Save” to store it and set an alias


This is how you can renew your Discord server and be an even better host than before, so it doesn’t matter if you want to play Among Us or any other game with your friends, everyone can express themselves however they want.

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