We cannot deny that one of the most popular platforms to watch or broadcast is precisely Twitch. However, as with everything in life, perhaps you are a little tired of this platform and want to abandon it, either permanently or temporarily. Today we are going to teach you how to eliminate a bill from Twitch and how to disable it temporarily.

Delete Twitch account

We must bear in mind that to delete a Twitch account, we will not be able to do it from the mobile application. This means that we will have to use the web version yes or yes. If you are on a mobile device; We recommend that you open the browser you have installed and request, from the options, the web version. This way you can watch Twitch as if you were on a computer.

Delete Twitch account.

The first thing will be to visit this link and sign in if you haven’t already. We will not find the option from configuration, so we will have to follow this direct link. We can choose the reason why we want to leave the platform or directly click on “Delete account” at the bottom of the screen.

Account deleted.

We can see a confirmation screen where it indicates that the account was deleted and that’s it. Now you no longer have a Twitch account; although we have 90 days in case we repent to reactivate it.

If we want to reactivate the account, we will simply have to log in with our credentials. Basically that is the only thing we have to do.

How to disable Twitch account

Another option would be to disable the Twitch account, this is temporary and not permanent. We can take time away from Twitch and then come back like nothing ever happened.


For this we go to Twitch and then we click on the profile photo that appears in the upper right corner; after this we will click on the “Configuration” option.

Deactivate Twitch account.

We will scroll down until we find the “Deactivate your Twitch account” section and click on the “Deactivate account” link on the right hand side.

Confirm deactivation.

Here we can add a reason why we want to disable the account or not; If we do not want to add anything, we simply click on “Deactivate account” and that’s it.

Account disabled.

We will see a confirmation page and this means that the account has already been deactivated. We will have six months to be able to reactivate it; after six months, that username will be available for other users to claim.

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