• Having to search through numerous Johns and Marys can be a problem on a day-to-day basis.
  • When our contact list is full, we can lose valuable minutes
  • The iPhone allows us to get rid of a contact, several in a group or the entire list

With the passage of time, on our mobiles we accumulate and accumulate contacts with whom we have once interacted but that are no longer useful to us. That makes the agenda fill with meaningless names and numbers. That’s why, If you want to clean up your agenda a little so that only important people remain, in this article you will learn how to delete contacts on your iPhone step by step, one at a time or simultaneously.

The first thing we have to clarify is that we do not recommend you delete anyone that you may need later. There really is no negative effect of having a long agenda, beyond the annoyance of having to search through a large number of people named “Juan” or “Maria”, to see which one is correct.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that on iPhone the contacts are synchronized with the iCloud account. This means that to get rid of them permanently, you will have to delete them from there to remove them. Fortunately, this process is more fluid than you might think, so let’s find out how to proceed.

Delete contacts on iPhone step by step

No matter what version of iOS you have on your iPhone, there are three basic tricks to delete contacts. The first two are the most common, because they will allow you to delete contacts one by one or in groups, but We also leave you a tutorial to get rid of the entire contact list of your smartphone.

One contact at a time

If nothing else you have to delete a contactfor being a duplicate entry or a temporary contact such as someone who has repaired something in your home, then you don’t have to think about them anymore and you can erase it alone.

  • Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and navigate to the contact you want to delete
  • Click on the contact, and on their information page click on Edit, top right
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and tap the Delete contact button, confirming the action
delete iPhone contacts 1.5

The contact will automatically disappear from your computer. It takes no more than a moment and it’s easy to say goodbye. But if you have to delete three or more contacts, repeating it may be annoying, and it is better to move to a PC.

Multiple contacts simultaneously

As we said, if the problem is that you have to remove several contacts at the same time, it is better to go to your computer. Go to the computer or enable the Desktop View feature on your phone’s browser, preferably Chrome.

  • Launch Apple Cloud on PC or Mobile in Desktop View and sign in with your iPhone account credentials
  • Once you’re signed in, select Contacts on the home page
  • Hold down the Ctrl key on Windows or Command on MacOS, and select the contacts to delete
  • Once you’ve selected them, navigate to the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and tap the Delete button on the context menu, confirming that you intend to delete them forever

In order to save a little more time, this is an essential trick.

And how to delete the entire contact list?

As a last resort, we will know that there will be some users who will want to start a new stage in their life, removing absolutely all the contacts from their agenda. And the good news is that you can remove them. Eventually, this is a trick that also makes sense for those who go from iPhone to Android.

  • Open your iPhone Settings and find the Apple ID at the top
  • On the next page, confirm that the toggle button next to Contacts is on and turn it off
  • A message will appear asking what you want to do with the contacts, and you have to confirm deleting them
delete contacts iphone 3

Any of the above procedures will allow you to have a more organized agenda of contacts to be able to find them quickly, and only stay with those who are present in your day to day.

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