• Maps differentiates types of histories, the one of searched sites and the one of visited sites that most interests
  • You probably do not want someone to find out about a move you have made, and we are going to help you
  • Learn how to clear Maps location history and how to enable automatic deletion

There is no doubt that Google maps are one of the most used applications in the world. Millions of people use them daily to guide us or to search for specific geographical points. Of course, in the background, this service is collecting our routes, and that could give us away. Regardless of where you have been, that does not matter to us, it is very likely that today you are interested in deleting your Maps history so as not to give yourself away. But what are the steps and how to do it automatically?

These two questions summarize almost all the questions that usually appear regarding Maps and the data it stores. In the end, we should be the owners of our actions and, except in exceptional situations, let no one else know our movements. Unfortunately, for that it is necessary to clean up the history of your maps.

Some preliminary clarifications

If you are not so used to the features of Maps, let us tell you in the first instance that Google differentiates two types of histories, that of searched sites -which we leave aside- and that of visited sites, which interests us.

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In a nutshell, it’s possible to edit your Google Maps location history from the timeline, by tapping Settings & Privacy and going into My Activity, but that’s for advanced users only.

If you are not among them, you should first know that the location history is a record of your locations over time, and it is that Maps creates a timeline with all the places you have visited.

Assuming that someone had access to your mobile, you can be sure that they will discover in no time which spaces do you frequent, how often do you go there, and more information related to your activities.

Probably, if you’re here, you don’t want anyone to know about any movement, and we’re going to help you.

How to delete your location history in Google Maps?

Towards the end of the article we are going to show you how to automatically delete your location history from Maps. Meanwhile, if it is something specific, you can always delete a location manually.

From the app for iPhone and Android

The process to delete your location history in Google Maps is the same in the iPhone app as it is for Android.

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile and press the icon of your profile in the search bar
  • Enter Your Timeline, and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner
  • Go to Settings and privacy and select which type of information deletion you prefer
    • Delete all location history
    • Delete location history range
    • Automatically delete location history
delete maps app history

As you can see, there are three options that appear on the screen, and each one of them makes it clear how it works. Thanks to the first you will delete all the activity history, the second will allow you to customize it, and the third is precisely what will make Google delete all the information on your movements in the coming months.

If you are constantly deleting your history, we recommend that you activate automatic deletion.

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From the Maps website

We suggest that you always delete your Maps history from the app, but if you can’t, the web is there.

  • In your favorite browser, open the Google Maps portal from timeline.google.com
  • Click on the Trash icon above the bottom menu
  • Tap I understand and want to delete all location history and Delete location history
delete web maps history

If you prefer, from the web you can delete the specific activity of a day, indicating it on the left side. Noted, click on the Trash icon and press Delete day in the pop-up window that you see on the screen.

Likewise, from the web you can delete a specific place that you visited, indicating it on the left side. Point to the day, click the three-dot icon, and press Delete day stop to remove that place.

Otherwise, the ability to delete location history for a date range is only in the app.

How to automatically delete your Google Maps history?

Recurringly deleting your Maps history isn’t hard, but there may come a time when it bothers you. Then, we advise you to activate the function so that Google stops recording your geographic activity

Enter to this linkwhich takes you to the Google My Activity portal, and search for Location History. Normally you will see that it is active, so enter the section and deactivate it for one or all of your devices.

delete automatic Maps history

From this section you can make all the adjustments you consider necessary about your locations.

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