In the Google Photos app we can find a function called “Memories” that revives old photos and videos to remember certain situations that we have experienced. However, sometimes it is not something we want to see, maybe they are not good memories and we want to avoid them. For these situations, it is best delete memories in google photosBy deleting them we will no longer be exposed to them at any time.

The Google Photos app allows us to do many things, we can even download all the photos that we have hosted here. However, in the event that we still have the occasional photo or video of a person who is no longer part of our life and we do not need to remember, it would not be pleasant to enter the app and it is throwing that memory at us in the face Certain?

It has happened to all of us on occasion and it is not pleasant at all. Luckily, not only do we have the ability to erase memories, we can also hide people from those memories and avoid seeing them if they are involved.

In this article, we’ll go into detail on how to remove or delete specific memories to prevent them from reappearing in the future. We should note that once we have deleted a memory, it will never appear again and we cannot “add it back” as a memory in any way.

Delete or remove memories in Google Photos

How to delete or remove memories from Google Photos.

The first thing we will have to do is open Google Photos on our mobile device and open one of the Memories that appear at the top of the application.

Souvenir options.

Next, we will have to press the menu icon that appears in the lower right corner of the screen, it is shaped like three vertical points.


We will see that a new menu appears, we will select Hide from all the available options.

Remove memory.

On this new screen, we are going to choose Delete this memory or memory.

Confirm delete memory.

To finish, we proceed to confirm that we want to delete that memory. In this way, we will never see that memory again. It is important that we are sure of this because we will not be able to add it as a memory in the future.

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However, that would be it, we don’t have to worry about seeing the memory again. Many services offer different functions quite similar to that of Google Photos Memories, such as Facebook and other social networks, although they also have options to prevent them from appearing.

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