In social networks it is quite common that we find people who do not think the same as us or who simply do not tolerate too much, perhaps even just want to improve our privacy on the network; something that many of us should pay more attention to. One way to “control” this is to deactivate the comments in a publication from Facebook. We will teach you how to manage comments, although they cannot be permanently deleted or deactivated; if not we can choose who can comment.

Disable comments on a Facebook post

We have the ability to control who can comment on our posts in general or on specific posts. Let’s see how to configure both options.

Manage comments for all posts

We can apply a kind of single rule for who can comment on all of our posts. First we start by opening our web browser and entering the Facebook website, we can also do it from the mobile application.

Settings and privacy.

In the upper right corner of the site, we will click on the arrow icon pointing down and select “Settings and privacy”.


Once we are in the Settings and privacy menu, we will go to “Settings”.

Public publications.

In this section, we go to the left sidebar and select “Public publications”.

who can follow me

We will access the “Public Posting Tools and Filters” page. Here, next to the option “Who can follow me”, we will have to click on the drop-down menu and choose “Public”.

Disable Facebook post comments

On the same page, we will have to click on the option “Comments on public publications”. In the applied menu we will click on the drop-down list to select who can comment on our publications, the available options are:

Configure who can comment.
  • Public: anyone can comment, even users who are not our friends.
  • Friends: Only our friends can post. If we tag someone, that person and their friends can also comment.
  • Friends of friends: your friends and theirs can comment.

Manage comments on individual posts

Publishing Options.

In the upper right corner of the publication, we will see three points where we will have to press.

Disable Facebook post comments

A new menu will appear and we will click on “Who can comment on the publication”.

Manage Facebook comments.

A new window opens where we will have to choose who will be able to comment on the publication.

  • Public: everyone can comment.
  • Friends: Only our friends will be able to comment.
  • Profiles and Pages We Mention: If we mention a Facebook profile or page, they can comment.

That would be all the options we have to configure the comments of our Facebook posts, as you can see it is not complicated at all to manage them.

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