The function of quick start in Windows 10 helps to turn on the computer faster, although in some situations we may want to disable the function The reasons? There can be many, the option is present, in case we need it and disabling Windows fast startup is not something too complicated, we will see how to achieve it a little below.

What is quick start for?

With a highly descriptive name, it allows us to start the computer more quickly. Reaching high speeds thanks to the combination of a normal shutdown and hibernation.

When we have this mode activated and we turn off the computer, Windows saves the system kernel, drivers and the current state of the system in a hibernation file. Unlike normal hibernation, started sessions and applications are not saved.

When turning on the computer again, the elements are saved (kernel, drivers and system state) and these are loaded into RAM, which allows us to access Windows very quickly. In short, this is how this feature would work on our computer.

Why would we need to disable fast startup in Windows?

While it provides a host of benefits, there are a number of reasons why we might want to disable fast startup. One of the most important is that it can prevent us from installing Windows updates; this can happen because the updates require that we completely turn off the computer to be applied. A system reboot may complete the installation, but will not shut down the PC.

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Another scenario would be when we have problems managing encrypted disk images. We may also want to disable the feature if we are dual booting the PC and need to access the Windows drive while using an alternative operating system like Ubuntu for example.

In case we have to enter the BIOS or EUFI of our computer, if we have the fast start enabled we will not be able to do it. So it’s something we have to consider.

Disable fast startup in Windows 10

Energy options.

We start by right-clicking on Start and selecting Power Options.

Additional power options.

It will take us to a new page called Turn on and sleep, in the right sidebar, we will have to click on Additional power settings.

Choose what the power buttons do.

This opens a window called Power Options. In this section we will have to go to the sidebar that is on the left side and click on Choose what the power buttons do.

Change settings that are not available.

Now we will stay at the top and click Change settings that are currently unavailable. This will ensure that we can disable the fast startup option.

Disable Windows Fast Startup.

In this new page we will have to uncheck the box next to Activate fast startup. In order to save the changes we will have to click at the bottom, on the button that says Save changes.

If in the future we want to activate fast startup again, we will have to repeat these steps only, instead of unchecking the box, we will have to check it.

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