Subtitles help us expand our list of movies and series in a foreign language. They can also be useful if the source audio is not clear. However, if you no longer need subtitles, you can turn them off in Prime Video.

Let’s see how we can disable subtitles in the Prime Video app for web, Windows, mobile and Fire TV Stick. In addition, we are going to see the steps to also deactivate the narrator in the Prime Video app. Let’s get right into the matter.

How to disable Prime Video subtitles in web browser

Step 1: Open Prime Video in your web browser and sign in.

Step 2: Click on the title you want to see.

Step 3: Next, move the cursor and once it appears, click on the “Subtitles and audio” icon.

Step 4: Here, click Disable.

Note: If audio is shown in Audio Description, change it to English only or any other preferred language stream.

step 5: If subtitles still appear, click CC subs if they are available.

step 6: Then click Deactivate again.

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This will disable Amazon Prime Video subtitles in your web browser.

Disable Amazon Prime Video subtitles in Windows app

Step 1: Sign in to the Prime Video Windows app and open the title you want to watch.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Subtitles and Audio’ icon.

Step 3: Here, select Off.

How to turn off Amazon Prime Video subtitles in the mobile app

Subtitles are usually turned on by default in the Amazon Prime Video app for Android and iOS. Follow the steps below if you want to disable them.

Step 1: Open the Prime Video mobile app and tap the title you want to watch.

Step 2: Now, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the controls, tap on the Subtitles icon.

Step 3: Here, tap on Disable.

Note: If your Audio is selected in Audio Description, change it to English or any other preferred language to disable the narrator.

Once this is done, subtitles will be disabled for your Prime Video mobile app. However, this might not be enough for iPhone or iPad. Go to the next section.

Disable subtitles for iOS and iPadOS devices

Accessibility settings on iOS or iPadOS devices may display subtitles even after you’ve turned them off from the Prime Video app. Here we explain how to disable them.

Note: This will turn off closed captions and accessibility subtitles for all apps on your device.

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on General.

Step 2: Then tap on Accessibility.

Step 3: Here, scroll down and tap on “Subtitles and closed captions”.

Step 4: Turn off the “Subtitles + SDH” option.

Subtitles will now be disabled for your iOS device.

How to turn off subtitles in the Amazon Fire Stick Prime Video app

Although you can turn off subtitles from the Fire TV Stick Prime Video app, they may still appear if your device’s accessibility settings are turned on. So here’s how you can turn off subtitles from the Fire TV Stick Prime Video app and Fire TV Stick settings.

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Method 1: From the Prime Video app on the Fire TV Stick

Step 1: On Fire TV Stick, open the Prime Video app.

Step 2: Then select the title you want to watch.

Step 3: On your Fire TV Stick remote, press the options button.

Step 4: Here, select Subtitles.

step 5: Scroll up and select Off.

This will disable subtitles for the Fire TV Stick Prime Video app.

Method 2: From the Fire TV Stick settings

You can also turn off the closed caption settings for the Fire TV Stick Prime Video app from your device’s accessibility settings. Here we explain how.

Step 1: Open your Fire TV Stick and go to Settings.

Step 2: Select Accessibility.

Step 3: Then select Subtitles.

Step 4: Again, select Subtitles Off to turn it off.

In addition, you can also turn off the Prime Video app’s narrator. Here we explain how.

step 5: In the Accessibility menu settings, scroll down and select Audio Description.

step 6: Select Prime Video to turn it off.

This will disable CC and Narrator for the Amazon Prime Video Fire TV Stick app.

How to fix subtitles not turning off on Prime Video

If you’re having trouble turning off subtitles, here are some troubleshooting tips to fix it.

1. Play a different title

If Prime Video subtitles don’t turn off for the title you’re playing, quit the player and try playing another title. Now, check again if the subtitles are turned off.

2. Reboot the device

Typically, common issues like Prime Video subtitles not turning off can be fixed simply by restarting your device. This will kill all the application processes and load them again from scratch. This fixes issues due to application processes not loading correctly.

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3. Check for app updates

It’s worth checking if the Prime Video app is up to date. This will remove any bugs or bugs from the previous version. Alternatively, if you’re using Prime Video on your web browser, check for browser updates. Install the update, if available, and reopen Prime Video to see if subtitles have been disabled.

4. Uninstall/Reinstall the application

You can also reinstall the Prime Video app on your mobile, Windows and Fire TV Stick. This will help you remove all previous tweaks and install a fresh copy of the app. Once this is done, open the app and check again.

5. Contact Amazon Support

If you’re still having issues, please contact Amazon Prime Support and try to resolve this issue.

FAQ about using subtitles on Prime Video

1. Can I change the colors and font of the subtitles in Prime Video?
Yes, Amazon Prime Video allows you to change the color and font of the subtitles according to your preferences. To learn more, check out our guide on how to change subtitle color on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Is it possible to re-enable subtitles in Prime Video?
Yes, to re-enable subtitles, simply open the Prime Video app on your device and, following the steps above, click your preferred subtitle language from the list.

Take back control of subtitles

It’s always annoying when you’re watching something and suddenly the subtitles pop up without warning. We hope this article has helped you turn off subtitles on Amazon Prime Video. You might also be interested in reading how to host Prime Video parties and watch your favorite show with friends.

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