• Although its best days are behind us, SoundCloud continues to be a reference for those who want to listen to music on the Internet or, eventually, download it to their computers.
  • There are two procedures to download music from SoundCloud, one of them official and the other alternative, with which you will be able to download all the songs of your favorite artists in a few seconds

SoundCloud is one of the main music services out there, and although it has lost a bit of ground compared to other platforms, such as Spotify, there are many users who continue to prefer it. Assuming you are among these people, and If you want to increase your local music library, learning how to download songs from SoundCloud will probably be of great help to you..

The interesting thing about the case is that there are two different methods to download songs from SoundCloud, so we are going to develop each of these modalities, one official and the other “unofficial”, to call it something. Thanks to both methods, you can always download the SoundCloud songs you want on your PC..

As we will see below, the official method does not always work, and that is precisely why another optional method has been developed, which will be the one we must bet on when we want to download this music anyway.

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Download SoundCloud Music Officially

If you are reading this article, you probably already have some idea that there is an official way to download SoundCloud music. If you have never run it, then you better read on to learn how to use it. On the other hand, it is important to note that this original mechanism has some limitations.

  • In SoundCloud, find the song you want to download and go to the section where you can comment on the song
  • On some of the tracks available in the program, you will see a button appear that says Download. press it
  • The download of the file will start automatically, and in just a few seconds you will have it on your computer

Now, the point is that this is the only way that SoundCloud gives us to officially download songs. But some artists who work with SoundCloud do not allow users to download their music. As a consequence of this, we have to resort to some alternative procedure, which is what we will see later.

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Download SoundCloud Music with KlickAud

If the tracks you want to download are not available for direct download from SoundCloud, don’t worry. There is always the possibility of using an external platform, an “online extractor” that will help us get hold of that audio file from the service’s servers.

Of course, before getting into the details so that you can download music in this way, you have to be careful and respectful of the laws of downloading these contents, avoiding piracy and other crimes in your territory.

  • In your preferred browser, go to KlickAud from this link
  • At the same time, open SoundCloud and copy the URL of that particular track
  • Go back to KlickAud and, in the space provided for it, paste the URL address of the topic
  • Press the download button
  • In a few seconds, the file will be on your PC

Once you have that file, you will be able to add it to your music library easily, treating it like any other, to copy it, paste it, play it, etc.. And that’s it, you don’t need anything more than to know this.

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