• PDF files are essential in study and work environments, due to their versatility
  • Sometimes we will need to introduce changes to them, and in Chrome OS we have a specific editor
  • How does the tool work and what to do if its features are not enough?

As we are more used to other operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and even Linux, adapting to the other options in PC environments can be a little difficult. For example, many people do not know it, but it is perfectly possible to edit a PDF file thanks to Chrome OS, the operating system of Chromebook.

This is not surprising, because Chrome OS is still a mystery to some of its current users. Considering that a good percentage of the owners of this equipment will work with PDF files, it is convenient to know what the potential is with respect to this type of documents, especially in terms of editing.

For a long time, Chromebook compatibility with PDF files caused uncertainty among those who have one of these computers, but today we know that Google added support for them in its Gallery. Thanks to that effort of its developers, we can perform certain essential editing tasks.

Edit a PDF in Chrome OS step by step

If your Chromebook runs Chrome OS 104 or later version of the operating system, then you will have the opportunity to edit the PDFs from the Gallery, since it is from that update that you can do it. Fortunately, it is not essential to have previous knowledge, since its actions are intuitive.

  • Open the Chrome OS Files app and double-click the PDF file you want to edit. By default the PDF file will be opened with the Gallery app, although you can force it with the right button
edit PDF Chromebook 2
  • If you’re interested in adding text or filling out a form, go to the Tt text annotation icon, which is located in the top menu bar, where all the other available features appear.
edit PDF Chromebook 3
  • A new menu will then open on the right side of the screen, from which you can select elements such as the font, size, alignment, format and color of the chosen text or form.
edit PDF Chromebook 4
  • Meanwhile, if you later want to add a note or sign it, you have to go to the Annotate icon, the wavy
edit PDF Chromebook 5
  • Choose one of the pens you have on hand, or the highlighter or eraser on the right side. You can customize its size and color, and when you have modified the document, you only have to Save
edit PDF Chromebook 6

It is enough to take a look at all these options to verify that they are not very different from those that we usually find in any professional document editor, so you will master them in a very short time.

Edit a PDF on Chromebook with a third-party app

Assuming that Chrome OS’s Gallery editor features aren’t enough for what you want to do, The way out that usually accompanies us in Windows remains, which is to opt for an editor specialized in PDFs.

These applications are recommended for those who constantly have to interact with this kind of files, since they not only allow you to make minor changes, but also add text or annotations, convert these documents to different formats, combine files with each other, sign documents, and much more.

The vast majority of third party software will be limited unless you pay for the product. For example, they can allow only two free editions per day, but in more than one case that will be enough.

The other advantage is that you can download it, or take advantage of some of its online solutions.


The above are the two easiest ways we have right now to make changes to PDF documents. As is clear, we have a Chromebook is not an impediment compared to Windows or MacOS.

Its PDF file editor is more than fine for simple things, but if you need something more complex, you can always download a program that we know works perfectly, like SmallPDF.

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