• Editing an easy and free video seems like a utopia, but it is not if we know what software to use
  • MiniTool MovieMaker invites everyone to edit videos, even without much time or money
  • What are its biggest advantages? How could you make a video with only photos?

Learning to edit videos is not a simple thing, or at least not one that we can face from one moment to the next. We may need to prepare content in a short time, and the most complex solutions will not work. precisely for this reason, Beyond the many programs that exist for professionals, this time we ask ourselves how to edit a video, easily and for free with an application like MiniTool MovieMaker.

The idea is to offer you a simple guide regarding how there are solutions for those people who must edit a video without much time, achieving a quality product without having to incorporate knowledge or invest a large amount of money, using software such as MiniTool MovieMaker.

Why MiniTool MovieMaker?

Probably the first question you will ask yourself is why MiniTool MovieMaker and not other similar software. Basically, because it occupies a space that has been vacant for some years, that of a reliable video editor, free for new users and whose action potential is really complete and interesting.

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In general, MiniTool MovieMaker is the best video editing option for newbies thanks to different features that we are going to analyze below, enough tools to return extremely attractive content, in high resolution, no watermark and no hard-to-use tools.

Video editing in one click

With its embedded video templates, you can freely export multiple videos and images. You will produce new videos with style taking advantage of a movie maker that does the work for you.

Inspiration for your creativity

Its multiple resources follow the latest market trends in video editing, with elements that you will see published by influencers and celebrities, which it will make them look like you have a manager of them.

Versatile, suitable for whatever is needed

MiniTool MovieMaker is not only practical but versatile, allowing you to generate content for vlogs, YouTube, etc.

1080P videos without watermark and in the main formats

You can import almost all image and video formats and then export them in standard or HD quality. You can even export them up to 1080P without a watermark, a common limitation in other freeware.

Satisfied? Upgrade to a payment plan!

The trial version of this program is very generousgiving you access to all the available effects, export of up to three 1080P videos without watermark without limit of duration and up to two minutes afterwards.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11you can contract a monthly or annual subscription -to save money- or a definitive plan to have MiniTool MovieMaker on three PCs. Obviously, you can find details about the MiniTool MovieMaker memberships on your website.

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Examples of use: how to make a video from photos?

But regardless of everything that can be explained, if you don’t have experience editing videos, you’ll want to see with some examples how it’s possible to do it in this app, be it by merging MP4 files, or creating videos with photos.

We are going to stop at the last of those examples, to show you what the step by step to follow would be like..

  • Once you have installed MiniTool MovieMaker from this link, launch the program on your PC
  • You will see that it has some similarity to other popular video editors, such as Windows Movie Maker.
edit video free 2
  • Drag some photos or upload them via the Media menu at the top left
    • We have uploaded some photos of food and drinks in a Mexican restaurant
  • Bring the photos or images you want to appear in the video to the timeline
edit video free 3
  • Once the photos or images are selected, they will be seen as thumbnails on the timeline
  • Then, open the music files from Music, in the menu on the left side
edit video free 4
  • We opted for a song that comes predetermined, since it was very good
  • You can upload your own sound files, or download one, and drag it to the timeline
edit video free 5
  • Once the edition is finished, you will see that on the top right it says Export, the function to export the video
  • Set the export parameters of the video, and wait for it to download to your device

You can add text or transitions if you prefer, but the goal is to show you how easy it is to edit a videoand this platform promises to edit a video, easy and free, and it fulfills that promise.

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Then it’s up to you to put your imagination to the test and push the possibilities of this editing program to the limit. But you can never again say that there are no good free or cheap video editing apps out there.

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