• When we’re not using Chromecast to stream anything, the system will automatically start showing some spectacular rotating landscape photos, almost like tableaus in our home.
  • If you prefer to see images of your family, your friends, your pet or any other random image, you simply have to make the corresponding modifications, in order to give it a more personalized touch.

undoubtedly the dongles, those devices that allow us to transform an old television into a smart one, are among the main gadgets that we must have at home if we have inherited or have a somewhat old TV. Fortunately, they not only transmit content, but even knowing how to edit the background on Chromecast will allow you to play with the images that appear on this device, customizing your environment.

Indeed, Google’s Chromecast is the main reference within this segment, an excellent way of sending content between different devices, being able to enjoy what we have on our mobiles, tablets, PCs or even computers on a large screen. Now, what happens when we are not transmitting anything?

Chromecast shows a series of predefined images or background, which change as the hours go by, thus trying to function as a kind of painting, which dresses up the spaces of the house with photos. Meanwhile, those who so wish may change those images by choosing others, even your own.

About Chromecast Background

Well, the first thing you should know in this regard is that, in those moments when you are not transmitting anything, Chromecast’s Ambient Mode will show some images obtained from Google, almost always of landscapes. Nature, art and others intermingle in the background, providing generally pleasant views.

But if you don’t like those images and want to change the background on Chromecast, of course you can. You will only need the application that controls it, as is the case with Google Home.

By default, the alternatives available to you are the following:

  • Google images: In this case, images that you have stored on your smartphone or that you have shared through Google are shared, including featured images or images of certain people.
  • Experimental: In this case, the images are constantly updated, allowing you to select specific sources and materials between them, almost like a slow internet mode, which is not bad at all
  • Art Gallery: In this case, several photos from different categories are chosen, being able to set only some of them as enabled. You can see fine art images, but not landscapes. Or vice versa.
edit background chromecast 2

How to make Chromecast show your images?

Well, at this point, Chromecast will display your photos during Ambient Mode if you choose a Recent Highlights or Family & Friends setting, focusing only on those people. For some it is enough.

However, you will notice that there is no way to define which are the specific images that it has to show. Effectively, to show only the photos you want, you will have to take care of it.

  • Launch the Google Home app on your mobile
  • Find Chromecast among the devices
  • Go to Personalize environment and then to Google Photos
  • Select Recent Featured or Family & Friends, as desired
  • When you are satisfied with the choice made, you have to Confirm your decision
  • Once in Ambient Mode, you must remove the default images, to leave only yours

If you have a bit of free time, we also recommend that you dive a bit among the other possible configuration options, since you will notice that there are several potential customizationsto adapt it to your needs.


In summary, it is clear that Chromecast has many interesting features. And we have no doubt that this one in particular is one of the best, that of changing the background to adapt it to our preferences.

In this way, one of the most attractive software and hardware solutions that exist, takes a step forward in terms of customization. Something that is always appreciated, more than anything on the television in the living room.

When it comes to editing the Chromecast background, what are your favorite contents?

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