In the same way that it happens with different websites and applications, it is possible enable the dark mode at seeker from Google on any operating system. We can do this on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android as well.

Enable dark mode in Google search on desktop

Whether we have Windows, Linux, Mac or Chromebook, we can use any browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge to configure the dark mode of Google search.


In order to enable the mode, the first thing we will have to do is start a web browser on our computer and enter the website of Google. In the lower right corner of the website, we will have to click on “Settings”.

Browser configuration.

In this new menu, we will have to choose “Search Settings”. You can directly click “Dark Theme: Off” in the settings menu. However, Google may remove this option in the future, so we’ll see where it is in the advanced menu.


Once we are on the search settings page we will have to go to the left sidebar and click on “Appearance”.

Dark mode.

We are now on the “Appearance” page. Here we are going to go to the “Activate or deactivate the dark theme” section and we will have to enable the “Dark theme” option. Then, we go to the bottom of this section and click on “Save”. In case we want to disable dark mode later, we repeat the steps and choose “Light theme” instead of “Dark theme”.

We enable the dark mode of the Google search engine on computers.

We will see a pop-up window notifying us that our changes have been saved. And basically that would be it, now we will notice that Google home page and search results are dark.

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Activate dark mode in Google search on mobile devices

Enabling dark mode in Google search from mobile devices is too easy; the way to get it is the same for iPhone, iPad or Android. The first thing we will do is access the official Google website from our browser.


Next, we press on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper left corner of the screen.


A new menu is displayed and we will have to go to “Settings”.


Let’s go to “Search Settings”. Here, we will have to choose “Appearance” and enable the “Dark Theme” option.

So we can enable the dark mode of the Google search engine on mobile devices.

We scroll down and press “Save”. We will see a pop-up notice that tells us that the preferences have been saved and we already have the dark theme enabled on the device in question.

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