• Discord’s developer mode is one of the best-kept secrets of this messaging service that has become internationally famous for its relationship with popular games
  • The platform allows us to access functions and options that are otherwise out of our hands when using this mode, so it is worth learning how to enable and disable it.

Most people ignore it, but there are countless programs and applications that have specific ways to make the most of them. Many times, this mode is called “developer mode”. Discord is among the platforms that offer it, and in a few steps you can learn how to enable or disable developer mode in Discord, enjoying new options and features in this video game messenger.

Basically, once we have activated it, Discord’s developer mode will allow you to reach previously inaccessible points of the software, such as server channel IDs, channels and messages, among others to mention.

So, whether you’re a bot developer or just a little curious as to what Discord’s developer mode is all about, we advise you keep reading to find out more.

What is developer mode in Discord and what is it for?

Discord has a developer mode that helps developers access more features in chat. Aimed especially at bot developers, the mode unlocks a new option in the context menu that allows you to easily copy the IDs of servers, channels, server members and even messages.

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These IDs are useful when setting up a bot on Discord. Developer mode is also essential for developers who want to integrate their service so that it appears as active status for others to see.

Enable Discord Developer Mode

On PC, from the desktop app

As almost all of us use Discord on our computer, we must start with the tutorial that will allow us activate the developer mode of this application from the computer, in a few simple steps.

  • Open the Discord app on your PC and tap on the profile icon in the bottom left corner
  • Next, click Advanced on the left sidebar of the Settings page
  • Activate the switch that refers to the developer mode to enable it and enjoy all its advantages

Alternatively, if you want you can access the test mode of the applicationto test purchases of SKUs tied to their app, though we should warn you that Discord stopped the feature that allows businesses to set up store channels on Discord’s servers last March, and we don’t know if it’s coming back.

After enabling developer mode, you can copy IDs of servers, members, channels and messages. You can also right click on a channel or message and press “Copy ID”, to transfer that information.

Discord 2 developer mode

On mobile devices

Also on smartphones, both iOS and Android, you have the possibility to enable Developer mode.

  • Open the Discord app on your smartphone and tap on the profile icon in the bottom navigation bar
  • Click on Behavior, and enable the Developer Mode feature on the next page
  • Next, you can review the ID of channels and messages, from Copy ID in the menu
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Other frequently asked questions

How to enable developer mode on Discord for mobile?

You can easily enable Discord developer mode from User Settings and Behavior. You will find the Developer Mode and you only have to enable it, as we have previously taught you.

Where can I find my user/server/message ID?

You can find your Discord ID in a few seconds from the hand of the developer mode once it is activated. You just have to right click on a user, message server and copy the ID.

Why doesn’t developer mode show up?

You are probably wondering this because Discord used to show developer mode on its Appearance. But some time ago this has changed, and now we see it from the Advanced tab, in the left bar.

Were you able to activate developer mode with this tutorial?

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