One of the solutions to practically every software problem is restore of factory a mobile phone or tablet Android. It is one of the easiest solutions to fix any kind of persistent problem. In this article, we are going to see how to perform a factory reset or factory reset of the device.

What is a factory reset?

What a factory reset does is erase all your personal files and return your Android phone or tablet to its original state. Basically, we will have the phone as if we just checked it. It will even work faster and without any kind of problem.

Additionally, it is important to perform a factory reset if we are going to sell the device. In this way, we make sure that none of our data falls into the wrong hands.

Factory reset an Android phone or tablet

Before you start with the factory reset, we recommend creating a backup. Although everything we have on the device is saved in our Google Drive account, if we have synchronization activated, it never hurts to make a manual backup just in case.

How to factory reset an Android device

The first thing we will do is slide the screen from top to bottom twice to see the quick settings. Here we are going to click on the gear-shaped icon to access the device Settings.


Next, we are going to have to go to System.

Reset Options.

We will select Reset Options.

Factory reset.

We seek Erase all data (factory reset).

Delete data.

On the next screen we will see everything that will be deleted and will allow us to view the accounts that are currently logged in. Click on delete all data to continue.

Factory reset an Android device

We are asked for the PIN or password of the lock screen for security reasons, after this we will have to press Clear all data to confirm again.

Reset an Android phone if it won’t turn on

Obviously, the previous method is ideal for those devices that do not present failures or that have errors that are not excessively serious. However, in case we cannot access the Settings menu, we can reset the device in another way.

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The first thing we will have to do is start the phone in Recovery Mode. This is a special interface that we can use to troubleshoot. We are going to have to make sure that the device has even 80% battery before moving forward.

Something very important that we have to take into account is that, if we are going to restore the device through recovery mode, we will have to log in with the same Google account after finishing the process. This is to prevent people from stealing the devices and resetting the phone without the need for the password.

So, in order to enter recovery mode we will have to perform a key combination, leaving certain buttons pressed depending on the make and model of the phone. Generally, they vary a bit, but most devices use one of these combinations:

  • Samsung Galaxy: Power + Volume up
  • Google Pixel: power + volume down
  • OnePlus: Power + Volume Down
  • Motorola: Power + Volume Down

So, with the device turned off, we will hold the buttons until we see the screen turn on.

Format Android phone.

Once we enter recovery mode. We are going to have to use the volume buttons to navigate through the different options. The one that interests us is the one that says Wipe data/factory reset and we will press the Power button to select it.

Factory data reset.

Again, we will use the volume buttons to choose Factory data reset and the power button to confirm.

The process to factory reset the Android device will start and this will reboot the phone. It may take a bit of time, so we recommend being patient and for nothing in the world to interrupt the process in question.

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Reset a lost Android phone

In case of losing the phone, another option is to erase everything remotely and in this way, we will not have to worry about all our information falling into the wrong hands. Best of all, we can do this even if we haven’t configured anything previously.

The feature we will be using is called Find My Device. If our phone has Play Store, then Find My Device is already installed by default. When we log in with our account data, we activate the option.

Choose phone or tablet.

In order to use this option, we will have to go to the Find my Device page or Find my device from the following link. After logging in with the same Google account that we have on our device, we will see the devices with which we have previously logged in.

Wipe data to factory reset an Android device

We select the lost device and just below we will see an option that says Erase device, then we confirm by clicking on Erase device again.

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