We cannot deny that finding a group on WhatsApp where they share the same interests as us is simply great to have a good time and enjoy with the people we love the most. That is why groups are so important in applications like WhatsApp. This time, we are going to see excuse me we can find any group on WhatsApp in several simple ways.

Find a WhatsApp group by name

The first thing to clarify is that the only way to find a WhatsApp group is to be part of it. There is no way to find a group that we are not part of; at least not directly from the official app. In addition, the way to enter these groups is only by invitation of the group administrator.

If we want to find a group where we are already added, we will have to start by opening the WhatsApp application either to ios or Android.

How to find WhatsApp group

Next, we are going to have to press the search button at the top of the screen.

We look for the group

Once the keyboard is displayed, we will have to type the name of the group we are looking for.

We entered the WhatsApp group.

If there are groups with that or similar name, they will automatically appear in the search results (at the bottom).

Here the only thing left to do is simply press on said group to be able to enter it as if we were doing it in a normal chat.

How to join public groups on WhatsApp on iPhone

Additionally we can say that it is possible to find groups that do not require permissions from an administrator to join; using third party applications. The only problem is that unless we are looking for too specific a group, we do not recommend using these applications to achieve it. The problem is that many users have reported that they end up receiving group invites that do sensitive content marketing and it is annoying in the long run.

So, we can join public groups on iPhone thanks to the application “Groups for WhatsApp”, currently there is no version of this app for Android. Remember that it is not exactly something very reliable and can cause some headaches.

If you decide to do it anyway, the first thing we will do is enter the App Store and look for the application “Groups for WhatsApp” in this link; We download and install the application on our device.

Application to search for groups on iOS.

We will have to open the application and connect our WhatsApp account. Then we are going to find the groups we want to join. We can choose from several different categories.

We enter.

Once we find a specific group, we can click on the “Join” button to enter it.

Join public groups on WhatsApp from Android

In Android we have a similar application called “Whats Social Group Links”And we can find it in the Play Store. If we want to do it, we will have to download and install it.

App to search for WhatsApp groups on Android.

We will have to link the WhatsApp account by following the instructions on the screen. After this we will have to find the group we want to join; we can sort all by categories to make it easier.

Get into.

Once we find a group, we simply click on “Join group” from the pop-up window that appears at the bottom.

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